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5 November 2011

From Ruth, Manchester, UK


Thank you so much for bringing the character of Ruth Evershed to life in Spooks! She is by far my favourite character…for me the episodes with more Ruth are the better ones. I can’t tell you how much I cried at the ending of the show. I understand why the writers/producers decided to go down that route and I know Ruth made the ultimate sacrifice out of love for Harry, but it broke my heart. I really wanted them to be able to live happily in that house in Suffolk with the front door with the peeling paint. The acting from yourself and Peter Firth in those final scenes was amazing; it really took my breath away.

The media sometimes portrays intelligent women in a negative way so for someone like myself who considers herself quite clever (gosh that sounds a little conceited- I assure you it’s not meant to!) it’s a joy when you get characters like Ruth. Characters that you can relate to and help you to be proud of who you are. So again, thank you. Thank you for giving me another strong, intelligent female character to adore and draw inspiration from.

I wish you luck in whatever projects you have coming up and hope we will see you back on the TV very soon.

From Sally, Poole, UK

Thank you Nicola!

I was a latecomer to Spooks (don’t ask me how I missed it before, story of my life!) and decided to tune into Series 9. Immediately I knew I’d hit upon something good with Harry’s marriage proposal and Ruth’s saying no but there clearly being more to it than that, more to be explored. And then came the rooftop scene at the close of the episode, confirming their feelings but the complications as well. I guess this hit a nerve with me somewhere from my life experiences, I was hooked – and embarked on previous series catch-up in earnest!

There’s so much else to love (and miss) about Spooks too of course – I just wish the ending had been different. Like many others I was heartbroken by those closing scenes as I genuinely hadn’t expected Ruth to be killed. I’ve read others say it felt like a bereavement and in many ways that’s what it felt like to me too – at the realisation that this really was the end for Harry, Ruth and Spooks.

But the memories (and DVDs) will live on!

6 November 2011

From Matthew, Bath, UK

Oh Ruth!

Throughout Series 10, I was hoping that you’d rid yourself of that Harry Pearce so that I can come find you and marry you. Why did you feel compelled to move forward in that final scene??? Now you’ve ruined me for other women. Never gotten so attached to a fictional, TV character, as much as I have with you.


From Cal, Madison, Wisconsin, US


I thought I was alright. I watched the final episode. I came here and read the other messages. I was fine. Moved, but no tears. Until I read those poems which could have been read at your Memorial service. Then it hit me : I will never be able to watch you on screen again. That’s when the tears started, intermittently, throughout the day, for several days now. I can’t even tell my other half why I’m feeling this way. I’m now a basket case. I’ll go see my shrink next week and send Kudos the bill.

From Sally, Poole, UK

In reponse to Matt’s post…

“Why did you feel compelled to move forward in that final scene???” Good question, and you could also ask why didn’t Harry move forward too rather than reacting when it was too late? And why didn’t Erin and Dimitri go after Sasha the minute he left the bunker carrying the shard of glass – what were they thinking? Why didn’t the MI5 bunker first aid kit contain a defibrillator like it should have? And why didn’t Callum and the team recognise Elena on Tariq’s CCTV footage back in Episode 3 and save everyone a lot of grief? And so on and so on… I guess the answer is that this is drama and the writers wouldn’t have got their tragic ending otherwise. Shame on them!

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