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Strictly speaking, the passing of Ruth Evershed cannot be categorized as a fun matter whichever way you look at it. However, for now, we can’t think of anywhere else on this fansite to park this item. So please forgive us for putting this under the heading of “Fun Stuff”.

Here are messages which have been sent in by fans to commemorate the end of a great TV character. If you would like to send in a message, you can use this Form.

26 October 2011

From Sarah

Sadness at the death of character Ruth Evershed

I admire Nicola Walker as Ruth Evershed in Spooks and wanted her to know that. She has such a human quality, a strength yet sensitivity – i really wanted to know her and when the character died, i cried and cried !! She is a very special actress and her face, though not contemporary in it\’s attractiveness, is truly beautiful from within.

30 October 2011

From Lottie, Didcot, UK


I wanted to say that your portrayal of Ruth was amazing.

Harry and Ruth are and always will be my favourite TV characters and Spooks will always be my favourite TV show.

I miss it now it’s over but i enjoyed the last episode it had me in tears from the moment Harry said “I need some air.” Because i knew tradgedy would strike.

I hope you and Peter Firth enjoyed the final scenes as much as i did, the saddest part was Ruth’s death and Harry’s reaction to it. The sad music also that ultimately played out till the end, it added to the sadness.

Good luck for the future and i really want to meet you one day. 🙂

From Lottie x

From Elaine, Sydney, Australia

Farewell, my lovely

To Ruth : By the time the writers got through with Harry Pearce in Series 10, he has become a man who is no longer worthy of your love, devotion and ultimate sacrifice. I’m so desperately sorry that it had to end this way. Its been a pleasure getting to know you in the last 10 years. You will be sorely missed.

To Nicola : well done! Only you could have given life to such a complex character. I look forward to watching more brilliant performances from you in the years to come.

Much love, Elaine

1 November 2011

From Becky, Cwmbran, Wales

The Legend that is Ruth!

I am now in mourning that Spooks has ended and still grieving for the loss of Ruth Evershed. I still haven’t quite come to terms with this. Through her dying moments I quietly wept from behind a cushion as not to embarrass oneself in front of one’s family. This continued for a good few hours after the event, all the time my mum telling me it’s just a TV programme but sadly this did not help me in the slightest, Spooks is and always will be in my opinion, one of the best TV dramas and by far my favourite. Ruth is by far the best character that has ever graced my TV screen so I sincerely thank you for bringing the character of Ruth to life and playing her so excellently for so many years. I now want to join MI5, which is completely ridiculous and I know will never happen but secretly I’m not giving up the dream! It truly has been a pleasure to share 10 years of my life with Ruth and spooks. I cannot thankyou enough for all the wonderful memories they are truly unforgettable!

From Dee Ann, US

Void yet to be filled

Spooks is one of tne of the finest shows I’ve ever watch. This is due in large part to the on screen chemistry between Peter Firth and Nicola Walker. They brought Harry and Ruth to life. I’ve yet to see a show where Nicola Walker fails to deliver an excellent performance. BBCA had the gall to cut out the surfing scene in Being Human, a real shame. Yet fortunately I was able to see it. With the demise of Spooks and the character of Ruth Evershed, there is a void that will not be filled for some time to come. The ability to evoke such feeling from me in a television show is rare, but then I should not be surprised as Nicola Walker is a rare breed of actress who is able to cross so many media boundaries successfully.

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