Ruth Evershed in a Nutshell comic

You have seen the beautiful image prepared for the Ruth Evershed Memorial page by Liga. If you haven’t, you should head over to that page right away. We now give you the Ruth Evershed in a Nutshell comic book which has been prepared for us exclusively by Liga. (Thank YOU Liga!)

The entire book contains 39 pages, including the cover. We will release a page a day from today onwards. The entire comic book will, of course, be included in our Ruth Evershed Scrapbook which we will present to Nicola in due course.


(beware : some images may contain spoilers if you haven’t yet seen Spooks Series 10)

If you right-click on any image in the gallery to view it in a new tab or window in your browser, you will be able to see a full size pic of that image.

And that concludes this edition of Ruth Evershed in a Nutshell.