2015 Q&A

2015 Q&A1


Well, you asked and Nicola answered. To find out how this whole process started, please go to this Post.

Although we set out some rules regarding the type of questions which should be submitted, some of you did not adhere to those rules. No matter. All of the questions received were sent to Nicola. We made it clear to her that she has the right to decide which, if any, of the questions she would like to answer. If she wanted to tear up the list, we wouldn’t pester her for answers.

Nicola received our list of questions at a time when she was appearing on stage in A View from the Bridge at the Wyndham Theatre. She was also suffering from a bad cold. It was so bad that for the first time in her career, she had to cancel one performance and let her understudy go on. Pumped full of medication, she went back on stage the next night. When we went to the play, she sounded fine on stage, but when she met us after the play, her voice had been reduced to a croak. It was heartbreaking to hear!

IMG_0518Given the circumstances, we felt really bad asking Nicola to consider and answer fan questions. Our timing could not have been worse. However, being the brilliant and generous person that she is, Nicola gave us handwritten answers to most of the questions on our list. We don’t know about you, but for that act of generosity alone, this magnificent actress will have our undying love and support FOREVER!!! πŸ˜€

We have divided the questions roughly into 3 main categories. Have fun reading Nicola’s answers.

Last Tango in Halifax related questions

Tradecraft related questions

Others/General questions

The winning question

And the winning question selected by Nicola? Its the one about Ruth Evershed, Caroline Dawson and University Challenge submitted by Andrea from the Philippines. Look for it under the LTiH related questions. We have been in touch with Andrea about sending her the signed LTiH Series 1-3 boxset. Congratulations, Andrea!


Huge THANKS to everyone who sent in a question!