2015 Q&A – Tradecraft related questions

If you could play ANY character in ANY theatrical play ever, which character would it be?

I like new plays so I don’t really have a hit list of parts to play.

Is there a type of role you haven’t played yet which you want to try? Like a certain famous sci-fi character but regenerated as a woman?

I would love to do some sic-fi.

Will you ever do a Shakespeare play for theatrical run? If so, which one?

I hope so. I’d love to do some Shakespeare with Ivo Van Hove.
[Ed : Ivo is the director of A View from the Bridge].

Do you have any special tricks for learning lines?

No tricks, just sitting down and learning them.


How do you unwind after a day on set playing an intense role such as Helen Bartlett in Scott & Bailey (Series 3)?

You sleep well, its all that crying!

What is the greatest number of takes you have to do because you or a cast member fluffed their lines or started laughing inappropriately?

Me and Sarah Lancashire have had a few. I wouldn’t tell though.

Have you ever slipped on a stage while performing?

Often. You just have to carry on. Often people think its part of the show.

Would you consider writing for radio or tv?

I’m trying to write something at the moment. I don’t know what its for – just me probably.

How’s the writing project with Hermione Norris going? [Ed : Hermione Norris mentioned in an interview that she was writing something with Nicola. Nicola mentioned in an interview done for Vortex Magazine when Dark Eyes 2 was released that she might be writing a radio project about a news team.]

If me and Hermione could actually get in the same room together it would progress much quicker!


As Nicola has recently filmed the new TV series River, I am curious to know if she has attempted to learn any Swedish sentences from her co-star Stellan Skarsgård. Can she say “Hello” or “Goodbye” or “My name is..” in Swedish? Having lived in Scandanavia, I have some Swedish friends, so I know how difficult Swedish can be to pronounce, but it would be nice to see Nicola attempt to say something in Swedish, as it is a beautiful and cultural language. 🙂

Stellan’s character does not speak in Swedish in the show, his English is excellent. I loved it when he spoke Swedish off camera but I didn’t learn much beyond “hello” and “thank you”!

Do you get to keep any wardrobe from shows you’ve been in?

You are asked if you would like to buy any of your character’s wardrobe – I rarely do because they belong to that character, not me!

Sue Perkins Mekong

Will you ever consider doing a reality show? If so, which would you prefer : Bake-Off, Strictly Come Dancing, or something else?

I would like to do a travel show with Susan Perkins because she’s brilliant at them and goes to fantastic places.

australiaWhich country outside the UK and Europe have you not yet been to but would like to visit? (Please say Australia!)

Absolutely Australia.

Who does your hair/makeup/wardrobe when you go to an Awards Show? You looked gorgeous at the 2013 Olivier Awards.

Thank you. I do my own hair and make up for those sorts of events.

Do you socialise on a regular basis with any of your co-stars long after filming or the stage work has completed? [In a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, Mark Gatiss said that if he wanted to have fun, he’d call Nicola, Oliver Chris and Catherine Tate.]

We all did a show called Season’s Greetings at the National years ago and we all meet up at Christmas for our Season’s Greetings Christmas lunch.


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