2015 Q&A – LTiH related questions


What do you think Ruth [Evershed, from Spooks] would make of Gillian?

If Gillian ever got involved in Ruth’s world, I think Ruth would consider her a massive liability!

What similarities are there between you and Gillian?

Neither of us can fix a tractor.


While filming Last Tango, what was the hardest farming skill they made you learn?

I fell in love with the sheep, but clipping their toe nails was an act of love too far.

Do you find it difficult going back into a Yorkshire accent for filming LTiH?

As soon as we’re all back in Yorkshire we all fall back into it.

Where do you hope to take Gillian next series?

That is up to Sally Wainwright.

What’s up with Sally Wainwright and the Quentin Tarantino references?

I like them.


Ruth Evershed is a University Challenge champion, if she went head-to-head with Caroline, who do you think would win?

Ruth Evershed. It would be a wipe out.

Any deleted Gillian scenes that you were sad about? How much input are you allowed? Are those axes real?

Very little is cut from what we shoot.
Yes, the axes are very real, very sharp.

hi…I’m getting married in May, loved the wedding dress Nicola wore in the final episode….please can you tell me where she got it from ???? I love the style and thought she looked amazing.



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