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Spooks related Questions

Some of the comments here do touch on Spooks S10. We don’t think that they are spoilery, but others might beg to differ, so please proceed to read with caution.

From Kerry Duncan, UK

Q : Describe working with Peter Firth in 5 words.
A : I can’t. (1) I (2) love (3) working (4) with (5) Peter. He is a brilliant actor and beautiful man and five words wouldn’t come near it.

From the Editor

Q : Tell us what you know about Ruth’s costumes in Spooks, from the colourful beginning to the dour blacks and blues towards the end. Did you have any input on what Ruth should/could wear?
A : Yes I do and I think they are very real and true. When she came in she was rather naive, despite her great brain, but as the show has gone on, Ruth has grown up and taken some emotional blows! For better or worse, she’s not a little girl anymore.

Q : Any favourite Spooks moments?
A : My favourite comes in Episode 6 this season. Can’t tell!

From Liga, Sweden

Q : Fave episode or scene in Spooks? Why?
A : I love the early scene of Ruth fighting with her table lamp when she arrived on the Grid – it said a lot about her in a tiny moment of screen time.

Q : Any common qualities with “Ruth”?
A : I am as clumsy as Ruth used to be and as easily moved to tears as she is now. And I am also in love with Harry Pearce.

Q : If you can choose, which other Spooks character would you play? Why?
A : Malcolm – great brain and fabulous dry sense of humor.

From Dee Ann Lindsey, US

Q : How do you feel about Ruth’s part and where it goes this season and however it ends?
A : I think the writers have taken Ruth down a very interesting path this season. The Home Secretary offers her a way out and she takes it. I think she takes it for all the right reasons but that doesn’t mean its easy for her.

From the Editor

Q : Were you misquoted, or your comments taken out of context, in that Sunday Express article, when you were supposed to have said, “I managed to have an extra-marital affair with Peter Firth!”
A : No that’s what I said. Of course, I did not mean “an affair” as such. I meant I’ve had the good fortune to spend six months a year with a man I adore for the last decade nearly.

Q : Did you take any mementos from the Spooks set?
A : From this last season, I took Ruth’s necklace. I don’t know what has happened to her original necklace. Nobody seems to know what has happened to it. I also have something from a past series. When we were filming either Series 4 or 5, there was a book on crucifixions which was used as a prop and I mentioned several times how much I liked that book. After I left the show in Series 5, Peter stole that book and sent it through the post to me. Very Spy-like.

From Anonymous

Q : You look different, younger, in Series 10 of Spooks. Have you had a facelift or lost some weight?
A : Yeah, I’ve had a facelift. COME ON! As if. But thanks for the backhanded compliment.

From the Editor

Q : Please comment on the existence of blooper reels.
A : At the wrap party held after filming of each season, the crew would put together a video of scenes which were filmed that year, as a sort of summary of what we’ve done that year, and at the end of that video, they would always include a blooper reel of outtakes from that year. My personal favorites are those showing Peter Firth and Hermoine Norris collapsing in fits of laughter, and Raza Jaffery doing his best spy walk, in all seriousness, but bumping into something and then falling down, which completely ruins the take. Unfortunately, these will never be released, that’s the producers’ decision.

From Sally, UK

(this was a last minute entry, and the answer here is put together from the collective memory of those fans who were there when Nicola made this comment. If any one who was there has something to add, please Email Us)

Q : Were you as actors happy with the way the series ended?
A : Yes we were. I think it was a clever ending, and the right ending. There was a ‘hand clap’ moment too in the last episode which you’ll like. At the end of that take, the crew were clapping and punching the air, going “Yeah!”

A big THANK YOU to all who participated and submitted questions. An even bigger THANK YOU to Nicola for taking the time to give such detailed answers to our questions!

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