Upated 23 July 2017

Nicola related questions

Are you Nicola Walker / Are you connected or related to Nicola Walker?

The answer to both question is NO. We’re just a group of fans who think that Nicola is the most magnificent actress in the world, and want the rest of the world to know about her work. Go to the About Us page if you want to find out more about the people behind this fansite.

Is Nicola aware of the existence of this fansite? What does she think of your efforts? Has she been on the fansite to check out the information stored here?

Yes, Nicola knows who we are and has been very generous with her comments about our efforts. She has been on the fansite to take a look around, and has been surprised by some of the information we have managed to uncover about her career. “Ooh, that’s right, I did do that project, didn’t I?”, she told us.

Can you pass messages to Nicola?

Again, no. We cannot pass on messages (emails or letters) to Nicola. If you wish to contact Nicola, we suggest that you do so care of her agents in London whose details are set out below :

R Blond & Associates
69a Kings Road
London SW3 4NX
United Kingdom

We do not handle Nicola’s fan mail and therefore cannot tell you whether your letter to her has been received by her or when will you be getting a reply. We believe that Nicola picks up her fan mail from her agents quite regularly.

If you’re hoping to receive a reply or a photo, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope and who knows, you might get lucky! (If you do not live in the UK but need to purchase UK stamps, try the Royal Mail website to buy UK stamps or look under “Tools” section on that website to find out how many stamps you need in order to receive a reply.) We have summarised what you need to do in this respect in this Post.

I’m coming to London soon and desperately want to meet with Nicola. Can you arrange that?

No, sorry. Please don’t even ask us, because we won’t respond to emails of that nature. However, if you do have a chance to meet Nicola and would like to submit a report for our Close Encounters page, please Email Us with your report and pics (if any).

Is Nicola on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites?

No, she is not. From our conversations with Nicola, we believe that she finds the constant tweets about her sightings in and around London rather intrusive, so she’d rather not contribute to that by having a Twitter account. We believe that she prefers to keep her private life separate from her work as an actress.

There was an attempt made by someone, on or about 5 April 2013, to set up a fake Twitter account in Nicola’s name. That person was reported to Twitter pretty quickly and that account has since been deleted by Twitter.

Website related questions

Why is the website called “bonkers but Brilliant”?

One of Nicola’s earlier but most memorable roles is Ruth Evershed in the TV Series, Spooks. She made her entrance in episode 2 of series 2, as a new member of the team. She was supposed to be this brilliant analyst but on her first day of work, she was a bundle of nerves, dropping files everywhere when she walked into her first meeting with the rest of the team. She was also seen fiddling with her desk lamp which came apart in her hands. Two of her colleagues, Zoe (played by Keely Hawes) and Danny (played by Danny Oyelowo), wondered aloud (to themselves) whether Ruth was as brilliant at her job as they have been led to believe, and that was when Zoe said something along the lines of, “she’s probably bonkers, but brilliant.”

We thought that that phrase, “bonkers but brilliant”, perfectly encapsulates Nicola’s acting talents and so adopted it as the title of this website. In our banner heading, you can see some scenes of Nicola/Ruth fiddling with that desk lamp.

How do I use avatars in connection with comments which I wish to post on this site?

We use the Gravatar avatars. Go to gravatar.com and register an account. Its free. Once you’re done, the avatar which you associate with the email address at which you are registered (with Gravatar) will be automatically used in a number of online entities, such as this site and Facebook. Remember : you don’t have to use an avatar or Gravatar in order to leave a comment!

Why are comments moderated?

This is purely a measure to guard against spambots, automatic software which spammers use to flood websites with spam. We have no desire to go all Big Brother on your comments and exercise censorship. We will approve all comments as quickly as possible (promise!) and have these appear on the site. That said, do remember that fans of Nicola come from all over the world and may be of different ages and background. So please ensure that your posts are literate and free from profanities.

I left a comment some time ago but it hasn’t appeared. Why is that?

If you left a comment in relation to a particular post or page, it will be posted after it has been moderated. We have visitors here from all over the world and they all live in different time zones. This may explain the time lag in having Comments approved. Unless, of course, your comment contained one or more links to another site or webpage in which case, its probably caught by anti-spam software. Also, if you left a comment or query via Contact Us, that won’t appear anywhere on this site; the Editor and the Site Administrator will be the only ones who can read it and where appropriate, respond to it.

Using spoiler tags

In some of our posts and pages, we may use Spoiler tags. These are HTML tags which hide a portion of the content that will only be revealed until you mouse over that content. If you have not yet viewed a particular programme, or listened to a particular audio piece, or simply don’t want to read about spoilers, then you can skip that content by making sure that your mouse stays away from that portion.

If you wish to use spoiler tags in your comments, here’s how : use {spoiler} at the beginning of the relevant content and {/spoiler} at the end EXCEPT that you should use square brackets, “[” and “]”, instead of  “{” / “}” in our example – we used “{” / “}” simply to demonstrate how the tags work.

Posting audio and video links

Our policy is to post audio and video links only where the videos have been uploaded by the copyright holders themselves. We try to make as few exceptions to this rule as possible. Posting screencaps is about as far as we are prepared to go, in terms of breaching other people’s copyrights.

We will not approve any comments where fans attempt to inform others of where they can access illegal downloads of shows in which Nicola has appeared in or to watch shows for free on outlets such as YouTube. We will not approve comments from fans asking for, or offering to trade, copies of Nicola’s performances in any format.

We believe that copyright interests of media companies should be respected. We also believe that good work should be rewarded. When you watch something for free on YouTube or other similar outlets, you are depriving cast and crew of income which is rightfully theirs. From our own perspective, as a fan site, we need to be taken a bit more seriously by the media companies when trying to get info and interesting stuff from them. 🙂

We encourage fans to support Nicola’s work by making authorized purchases from sites such as Amazon.

Why don’t some of your links work?

At the time the links were included in a Page or Post, they were working. Those links may stop working after the entity who originally posted a particular item has removed the link form their website or changed their webpage. For example, sometimes the BBC will make their trailer clips available on YouTube and if that is the case, we can share that clip on this website. However, if the BBC subsequently takes the clip off YouTube, this will render our link useless. So if you come to this particular Page or Post sometime after the show aired, you may find that you will not be able to watch the clips in question. There is nothing we can do about this. Wherever possible, we will update the Page or Post by removing the link(s) in question so that fans will not be confused.

Have you changed your website address? Should I access this fansite with www.nicola-walker.net or www.nicola-walker.com?

Well, no, not really, we haven’t changed domain names. Its complicated, and has to do with transfers of domain names and transfers of webhosts.
It doesn’t matter which web address you use, you will land on this fansite.
If you have previously bookmarked us, there’s no need to change particulars of your bookmark 🙂 .

How come I can’t see the things you’ve put on the left and right sides of your background image?

That depends on which device you’re using to view this fansite.

  • If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you won’t see any of our background image, just the center panel where the important information is displayed.
  • If you’re using a notebook computer or desktop computer, our background image was designed for optimal viewing at 1600×1000. If your monitor does not support that display size, you can always zoom out your browser and that will shrink the image so that you can see what we’ve put on the left and right hand sides.
  • If you have a monitor which supports a larger resolution, you will see that the background image will not cover the entire monitor.

If there’s anyone out there who knows some css or php code that will make our background image automatically stretch to fit any and all monitor sizes, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please Contact Us.