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Update : 27 January 2015

Big Finish has announced that post-production work on has completed. Once again, Nicola a cast member. Here is the synopsis, taken from the Big Finish website :

4.1 A Life in the Day by John Dorney

The Doctor and Liv return to post-World War I London, where the Doctor meets Kitty Donaldson (Beth Chalmers), and Liv strikes a friendship with her brother Martin (Barnaby Kay). But what mysterious force is hunting them?

4.2 The Monster of Montmartre by Matt Fitton

The Doctor and Liv’s investigations bring them to Paris, where a monster stalks the streets.

4.3 Master of the Daleks by John Dorney

The Master and the Dalek Time Controller have forged an alliance. History hangs in the balance, and this time the Doctor can’t help…

4.4 Eye of Darkness by Matt Fitton

It’s the endgame. Truths will be revealed, and a hero will make the ultimate sacrifice.



This trailer has been released by Big Finish

Nicola with Alex MacQueen

Nicola with Alex MacQueen

Big Finish has released this studio photo of Alex MacQueen with Nicola in the studio. The all-star cast includes Paul McGann, Barnaby Kay, Rachel Stirling and Susannah Harker, to name just as few.

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Dark Eyes 4 will be out in March 2015. Both Dark Eyes 2 and Dark Eyes 3 are now available. Place your order on the Big Finish website. If you order the CDs, they will ship anywhere in the world, post free. The show is also available to purchase as an audio download. Big Finish also accepts PayPal in addition to credit cards. Enjoy!

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