The Turn of the Screw

This is the 2009 interpretation of the classic Henry James short story, which is basically a ghost story. A young governess is employed to look after two young children and in the tradition of most ghost stories, said governess soon experiences strange goings on in the mansion where she lives with the children.

Nicola has a small role as one of the maids, Carla, who gives the young governess hints and cryptic messages about past events at the mansion. Nicola appears in just a few scenes in the early part of the show. Here is a description of Carla taken from the BBC’s web page for the show :

Carla is a maid at Bly (the mansion). She has a sullen and suspicious temperament and is more careworn than her 30 years would suggest. Carla lost her fiance and three brothers in the war and couldn’t bear to go home, which is when Mrs Grose (the head housekeeper) gave her work and shelter at By. [The young governess] is unsure how to take Carla, who sometimes seems a little unhinged, and she is encouraged by Mrs Grose to pay scant attention to Carla’s prophetic warnings.


You can view the screencaps for this show HERE.

Six degrees

Corin Redgrave also has a very small part in this show. He appeared in episode 304 of Spooks and played David Swift, the media magnet. He did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Availability on DVD

The Turn of the Screw is available as a Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK

You can also purchase the Region 2 DVD from third party vendors on Amazon US