The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders

This is the 1996 UK TV adaptation of the Daniel Defoe novel, about a woman, Moll Flanders, who was born into poverty who tried to better her fortunes through various marriages, prostitution and practicing as a con artist in between marriages. This version had Alex Kingston (Dr. Corday of ER) playing the female lead. Amongst the many actors who played Moll’s lovers and male acquaintances were Daniel Craig (the current James Bond) and Tom Ward (Dr Harry in Silent Witness). This version has been described as the one which is closest to the original novel though it ends when Moll Flanders was still a relatively young woman. Unfortunately for cast and crew, this version came out almost at the same time as the US version which starred Robyn Wright and Morgan Freeman, with the US version getting more exposure. This TV mini series was broadcast in 4×48 minute episodes.

Nicola has a small role in part 3 of this TV mini series as Lucy Diver, a thief and pickpocket who befriended Moll Flanders but suffered as a result of this friendship. Although the DVD features a behind the scenes documentary, there was no contribution from Nicola or any of the lead actors/actresses. This TV adaptation featured a lot of nudity from many of the actors and actresses.  There are brief scenes of Nicola kissing Alex Kingston and making out with her in bed, when her character, Lucy, and Moll Flanders became more than just partners in crime.There are rumours to the effect that Nicola also filmed nude scenes with Alex Kingston though these were left on the cutting room floor in the final version, never to see the light of day.

Nicola has mentioned in past interviews what a difficult time she had during the weeks she spent filming this guest starring role. She had to be strapped into very tight, hand made corsets each day and as a result, went for a month without eating lunch! She was so glad to be in her next job, as Detective Susan Taylor in Touching Evil [TV], because she can wear regular clothes as her costumes.


You can view screencaps of Nicola’s performance in this TV mini series HERE.

Six degrees

Chrissie Cotterill, a cast member, was also guest star in episodes 105 and 106 of Touching Evil [TV].

James Fleet, a cast member, also appeared in Cows [TV], Four Weddings and a Funeral [Film], A Dance to the Music of Time [TV] and Cloud Nine [Stage]. Apart from Cows [TV] and Cloud Nine [Stage], James has not played opposite Nicola on screen in the other projects.

Christopher Fulford, a cast member, did not have any scenes with Nicola in this TV mini series but he appeared with Nicola in The Last Train [TV]. Christopher guest starred in episode 103 of Spooks [TV] though Nicola did not become a cast member of Spooks [TV] until series 2.

Mary Healey, a cast member, also had a small role in episode 303 of Touching Evil [TV] but she did not have any scenes with Nicola in either project.

Milton Johns, a cast member, was a guest star in episode 102 (“The Interview”) in Chalk [TV].

Roger Morlidge, a cast member, also had a small role in episode 104 of Touching Evil [TV], though he did not have scenes with Nicola in either project.

Availability on DVD

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