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For our report on the events which led up to the commissioning of Series 10 and sightings of Series 10 being filmed on location, read our Post HERE.

For our report on the announcement that Series 10 will be the last series and the announcement of a transmission date for episode 1, read our Post HERE.

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Articles available online

Here is a selection of articles which are available online for your reading pleasure. Warning : some of these can be quite spoilerish, so don’t click and read if you do not wish to know anything about Series 10 before watching the episodes.

Vicky Frost of the Guardian has an entertaining look back at 10 years of Spooks HERE.

CultBox has an exclusive interview with the main writers of Series 10, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley HERE.

CultBox has also taken a look at the last 10 years of Spooks HERE.

The Independent has compiled its list of top 10 fictional spies and Harry Pearce is on the list. You can read this article HERE.

Most of the following interviews cover more or less the same grounds as they were all conducted at the same time on the Grid set a little while ago.

TV Choice Magazine has an interview with Peter Firth HERE.

CultBox has an interview with Lara Pulver HERE.

Digital Spy has an interview with Peter Firth HERE.

The exception, of course, is the great Ian Wylie and his interviews with Peter Firth and Nicola which you can access HERE.

Seen It has some very pertinent comments about the BBC’s decision to schedule Spooks Series 10 against Downton Abbey.

Update : 14 September 2011

CultBox now has a short interview with the current Spooks scriptwriters where they nominate their top 5 Spooks moments. You can read the article HERE.

Digital Spy has an interview with Nicola, which you can read HERE. This is an almost verbatim repeat of what Ian Wylie said in his article which was published on 13 September 2011. I guess Nicola talked to all of the journalists at the same time, so they’re bound to be reporting more or less the same comments.

Update : 16 September 2011

The Daily Mail has pitched in with its article on the return of Spooks, which you can read HERE. It does contain some spoilers but nothing you would not have already known if you had read any one of the above listed online articles.

HERE the Guardian ponders, “What makes perfect Sunday night TV”.

Update : 18 September 2011

Here are online versions of two Radio Times articles :

Peter Firth on the Final Series of Spooks

Peter Firth’s List of Top Ten Spooks Moments

The above two articles were previously included in a scanned version of the Radio Times HERE.

Update : 20 September 2011

Radio Times : Can we Trust Harry Pearce?

Daily Express’s interview with Nicola is now available online HERE. A copy of this interview is also available in scanned version HERE

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