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Red Cap is a British television series produced by Stormy Pictures for the BBC and broadcast on BBC One. Two series of 6 episodes each were produced following a feature length pilot. It featured the investigations (and personal relationships) of an SIB unit of the British Army based in Germany. Ostensibly the lead character was Sergeant Jo McDonagh (nickname; McDoughnut), played by Tamzin Outhwaite, but the show was more of an ensemble piece, with several notable characters coming to prominence.

Nicola made a guest appearance in episode 4 of Series 2, titled “Fighting Fit”. She played Maj. Rebecca Garton, who was the commanding officer of a solder who died in mysterious circumstances. She appeared in only one scene – she was brushing down her horse at the stables when she was interviewed by the show’s two lead investigators.

Six degrees

Douglas Hodge is a series regular in Red Cap. He also played Ruth Evershed’s journalist friend, Gary Hicks, in episode 405 of Spooks.

Poppy Miller, another series regular in Red Cap, did not have any scenes with Nicola in that show. However, she was also in Torn [TV] where she played the detective who investigated the origins of the missing child in that show and had many scenes with Nicola.


You can view the screencaps for Nicola’s appearance in Red Cap HERE.

Availability on DVD

Red Cap is not currently available on DVD.