People Like Us

A mockumentary written by John Morton and starring Chris Langham as an inept interviewer, Roy Mallard. Each episode features the interviewer following a day in the lives of representatives of a particular career or lifestyle. The series was originally a radio show for BBC Radio 4. 11 of the radio episodes were subsequently adapted for TV.

Much of the humour is verbal as characters take a literal interpretation of what others say, use redundant expressions and non-sequiturs. Alongside this verbal aspect there was more conventional humour. Mallard encountered bizarre behaviour from his featured characters and their counterparts. For all his own mediocrity and haplessness he could appear sane and competent compared to those alongside him. The lack of laugh-track and the dead-pan approach led some viewers to believe they were encountering a “straight” documentary.

– Wikipedia

Nicola appeared in Series 2, in the episode titled “The Journalist”. She played a junior writer in a local newspaper who was interviewed for this episode.


You can view the screencaps for Nicola’s episode of People Like Us HERE.

Six degrees

There were many guest stars for this show who has a connection to Nicola but none of them appeared in the Nicola’s episode of this show. For example, Tamsin Greig was in Gethsemane (stage) with Nicola, and Emma Kennedy is a very good friend of Nicola’s in real life.

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