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28 October 2014

The BBC has released a trailer of its autumn/winter shows :

Click on the video to start playing it and as soon as it does, you can mouse-over the clip to choose a full screen option for better viewing.
The trailer features Benedict Cumberbatch reciting the Seven Ages of Man speech from Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well. It contains embedded links to clips from several shows, including one from Series 3 of Last Tango in Halifax.

The LTiH trailer shows Gillian, Alan and Caroline stranded somewhere because Caroline’s car has had a flat tyre. Caroline is trying to change the tyre but finds it hard to unscrew the main bolt. Gillian, who is dressed in all white like a bride, offers to help Caroline who refuses Gillian’s help by saying, “no, we’re keeping you clean.” Caroline’s car has been decorated like its carrying a bride. We already know from Production News that Caroline will be marrying Kate in Series 3, but this trailer seems to suggest that perhaps Gillian is also being married off, but to whom? Can-not-wait for Series 3 to be aired!!!

Trailer Screencaps

5 December 2014

The BBC released this trailer of several shows regarded as “Northern Favourites”. Clips of Kate & Caroline and Alan & Celia are included but there’s nothing on Gillian.

Episode 3 Trailer


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