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DC Gillian Greenwood

DC Gillian Greenwood

Here we go again, our collection of production news and updates going right up to the Series 3 air date.

30 June 2014, filming has begun and various members of the supporting cast has been tweeting about their work

Whilst the four main leads (Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola) are not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media, other cast members are and they are in the habit of posting tweets from time to time to tease fans of the show. Here’s what we’ve collected :

May to August Cast Tweets | September Cast Tweets | October Cast Tweets

In the absence of Extras in the DVD box sets, these tweets give a good behind-the-scene look at cast and crew. It may even contain a spoiler or two regarding special guest stars!

Casting News

Rupert Graves has joined the cast

From various media sources, we learn that Rupert Graves will be playing a character called Gary Jackson who goes on a date with Gillian. Rupert has been seen filming a scene with Derek Jacobi at the Upstairs Downstairs Cafe in Halifax. The cafe shared this pic via Twitter.

20140707 LTiH3 UpstairsDownstairs

The role of William Elliot (Caroline’s eldest son) has been recast for Series 3

Edward Ashley will not be reprising his role as William Elliot for Series 3. His role will be taken over by Dean Smith who posted these tweets on Twitter.

Producer Karen Lewis first let slip this recasting news in a short interview with BBC Radio Leeds on 31 July 2014. The reason behind the recasting is not known at this stage.

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