LTiH3 Main Cast and other Production Details

Cast and other Production details

The Buttershaw Family
Name Role
Derek Jacobi Alan Buttershaw
Nicola Walker Gillian Greenwood (nee Buttershaw)
Josh Bolt Raff Greenwood
The Dawson Family
Name Role
Anne Reid Celia Dawson
Sarah Lancashire Caroline Elliot (nee Dawson)
Tony Gardner John Elliot
Dean Smith* William Elliot
Louis Greatorex Lawrence Elliot

*The role of William Elliot has been recast for Series 3. For more information, go to the Production News/Updates page.

Other Characters
Name Role
Ronni Ancona Judith (John's girlfriend)
Dean Andrews Robbie (Gillian's brother-in-law + love interest)
Paul Copley Harry (one of Harry's oldest friends and grandfather to Emily Jane)
Marcus Garvey Greg (Kate's sperm donor)
Rupert Graves Gary Jackson
Michelle Hurst Ginika (Kate's mum)
Kate Isitt Felicity (Gary's wife)
Daniel James Vicar
Rachel Leskovac Cheryl (love interest for Robbie)
Jaz Martin Ollie (one of Gillian's ex-boyfriends)
Cara Theobold Holly (nanny to Kate's baby)
Nina Sosanya Kate (Caroline's partner)
Katherine Rose Morley Ellie (Raff's girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Emily Jane)
Brief production details
Name Role
Sally Wainwright Creator/Writer/one of the Executive Producers
Nigel Cole Director – episodes 1 to 3
Syd MaCartney Director- episodes 4 to 6
Red Productions Production Company
BBC One transmission station
Number of Episodes 6 x 60 minutes

The links above will take you to the individual actor’s/writer’s/director’s IMDb page. For more detailed information on the show, including guests in individual episodes and a full crew list, visit the show’s IMDb page.

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