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The Wedding Playlist

LTiH Ep206 Groom's Song

Here’s a list of all the music used during Alan and Celia’s wedding in episode 6 :

Celia was walked down the aisle with Kate playing The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba on the piano.

In lieu of a speech, Alan performed The Bellamy Brothers’ If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me. He was accompanied by a chorus made up of Caroline’s sons, William and Lawrence, Lawrence’s friend Angus and Gillian’s son, Raff. You can watch the Bellamy Brothers perform their original version on YouTube.

The first dance was Frank Sinatra’s You Make Me Feel So Young. This was followed by Dusty Springfield’s I Only Want to Be With You. Then there was 10CC’s I’m Not In Love. And finally Carol King’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, sung by Roberta Flack.

Lets hope Red/BBC are able to get clearance for all of the songs to be included in the DVD box set 😀

Nicola’s face

Actress, Judy Parfitt was interviewed by the Telegraph on 19 January 2014 as part of the publicity lead up to the latest series of Call the Midwife. Judy plays Sister Monica Joan (the eccentric one) on that show. Her interview consisted mostly of comments from Judy about older actresses, how most of them are gainfully employed as a result of the recent spate of TV shows and films which featured older women.

The crucial thing for longevity, according to Parfitt, is for actresses not to tamper with their features. “Look at Nicola Walker in Last Tango in Halifax. She has the most wonderful face. You just want to look at her. And if she’d gone off and had Botox and facelifts I wouldn’t want to look at that face because it wouldn’t express anything.”

We quite agree, Judy, because we also love looking at that face!

You can read the full interview HERE.

What a Christmas!

What a Christmas. I was married to Anne Reid on the BBC and Ian McKellen on ITV.

Derek Jacobi’s thoughts on two of his TV shows, Last Tango in Halifax and Vicious, both airing around Christmas, 2013. As “overheard” by the Telegraph on 29 December 2013.

Six Degrees

Tony Gardner, cast member, was in episode 201 of Big Town All Stars [Audio] where he played Paul, the high school sweetheart of Lorelei, Nicola’s character. He was also in New Tricks, episode 902 (Old School Ties) but did not share any scenes with Nicola.

Murray Gold, composer of the theme for Last Tango in Halifax, also wrote 50 Revolutions [Stage], a play Nicola appeared in in 1999.

Gemma Jones, cast member, was in Spooks Series 6 and 7 as Connie, supposedly a replacement for Ruth Evershed, the character played by Nicola. Nicola went back to the show as Ruth in Series 8, by which time Connie had left. So the two never shared any scenes together on that show.

Sarah Lancashire, cast member, was in Oliver Twist [TV] with Nicola.

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