Broken News

A TV series which spoofed TV news channels in their delivery of news. There is a very detailed write up of the series from Wikipedia which you can read HERE.

Only one series of this show was made, which contained six episodes. Nicola appeared as one of the reporters and was featured in three stories :

Missing Island – she reported on an island which was there one day but gone the next day

Half Way There Day – she reported on commemorations around Britain to mark the day the country reached the half-way point in the last World War

Crime – she reported on crime in one of the housing estates


You can view screencaps of Nicola’s performance in this TV series HERE.

Six degrees

Tom Goodman-Hill was the second narrator in Flash [Audio] but he did not read any stories together with Nicola.

James Howard appeared in episode 307 of Spooks [TV] but did not have any scenes with Nicola.

Colin Stinton appeared in episode 504 of Spooks [TV] but he did not have any scenes with Nicola. He was also a cast member of Neuromancer [Audio].

Steve Toussaint also appeared in Shooting Dogs (aka Beyond the Gates)[Film] and episode 902 of Spooks [TV], but he did not have any scenes with Nicola.

Indira Varma is a series regular in Luther [TV] but she did not have any scenes with Nicola when she appeared as guest star in episode 304. She was also in the cast of The Listener [Audio].

Robin Weaver was also in Faith [TV] but did not have any scenes with Nicola.

Since Broken News was written and produced by the same team as People Like Us [TV], many f the actors and actresses also appeared in both programmes. However, because of the way the segments were filmed in each program, none of them had scenes with Nicola.

Availability on DVD

This program is currently only available from third party vendors on either Amazon UK or eBay UK. As this is a collector’s item, sometimes the prices quoted by these vendors may be ridiculously high. You can buy the Region 2 DVD from third party vendors on Amazon UK.

This program is not available as a Region 1 DVD or via Amazon US.