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Pilot episode

Read our coverage of the pilot episode, which aired in the UK in February 2014, on this page.

Trailer for Series 1




Episode 1

Unreality TV

The always fabulous Nicola Walker is a brilliant addition to the cast as Sharon …


Nicola Walker is deadpan perfection as the boss on the ground, negotiating her way through a prison riot which is both scarily believable and utterly ludicrous (the rioters demand to speak to Holly Willoughby).

US Reviews

Babylon began airing in the US in January 2015 on the SundanceTV channel. Here are the US reviews :

The Wall Street Journal | Variety

On Episode 1 : The AV Club

Nicola Walker is such a favorite of mine that watching her deliver cutting commentary always feels like a present mailed straight to me. I’m happy to see her in anything, and can’t wait to see what she does with this.

On Episode 5 (“Hackney Wick”):

Sight on Sound

This is Nicola Walker’s breakout episode for the series, as she nails every scene in a varied performance. Attracted by Liz’s mention of one of Sharon’s previous ideas, the shifts in her facial expression from hard and stoic to curious and excited provide a breadth of back story without having to delve into it with a bunch of exposition.

The AV Club

Nicola Walker sells the speech to the civilian-police PCSOs with absolutely sublime comic timing, minutes before delivering bad news with magnetic stillness; Sharon’s as screwed as anybody else, but it’s a great performance.

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