Fresh Kills

(this page will be updated as and when we find more information about the play)

Year : 2004

Playwright : Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

Theatre : Royal Court Theatre’s Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Cast: Phil Daniels, John Sharian, Matt Smith, Nicola Walker

The play begins with Nicola’s character, Marie, performing an energetic and much appreciated act of fellatio on her husband, Eddie on the front seat of the truck, as a special treat and an affectionate reminder of their courting days. Nicola has sure made made some interesting choices in her theatre gigs!

Since this play took place in America, Nicola was required to speak with an American accent for her role.

Royal Court’s webpage for this play
Not a lot of information is given on this webpage though more reviews are quoted here.

There is an interview with the playwright at the Genesis Foundation where she talked about the play. The interview contained comments on some of the cast members, specifically, about Matt Smith, but there was no mention of Nicola.


British Theatre Guide




Six degrees

Matt Smith, the current Dr Who, made his professional debut in this play. In a round of up theatre reviews in the Independent at the time, he was described as “Matt Smith’s gangly Arnold is disturbing, needy and viciously manipulative. A name to watch”. How prophetic! Nicola has not done any work with Matt Smith on screen. However, she recently recorded an audio version of a Dr Who story, Robophobia.

John Sharian, cast member, also played a retired CIA agent in episode 409 of Spooks [TV].