Dead Eye Boy

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This play deals with a dysfunctional family in North Carolina. Nicola plays Shirley-Diane, the mother of a teenage boy who was conceived as a result of Shirley-Diane having been raped at 14 years old. Brendan Coyle plays a man who has just proposed to Shirley-Diane as the play opens; the two met in rehab. Nicola obviously got on very well with her leading man in this play, Brendan Coyle. Read 20 Questions with … Brendan Coyle from What’s on Stage for his gushing comments on working with Nicola. You may know Brendan better as John Bates in Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham’s valet.


Curtain Up

The director has not shied away from the fist fights and there are times when all three members of the cast are in a bundle like a wrestling match, a strange merger of sexual play and wrestling. Walker has the bruises to prove this. Pale eyed Nicola Walker is exceptional as the likeable yet desperately short fused mother, trying for some kind of family life, but thwarted by her son.

Independent 23 January 2002

a consummately convincing Nicola Walker

Independent 27 January 2002

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