50 Revolutions

50 Revolutions is a play written by Murray Gold which was staged by the Oxford Stage Company (renamed the Headlong (Group) since 2006) at the West End’s Whitehall Theatre from 7 September 1999 to 25 September 1999. The play featured an original soundtrack which was also written by Murray Gold.

This play peeks into the lives of a bunch of disparate characters, life’s lovers and losers, as they strive to make their way in a dog eat dog world – from a couple of homeless vagrants to a top TV celebrity, a macho bouncer to an actor struggling with his love life. 50 Revolutions is set in a modern metropolis and interweaves 50 short episodes to give a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary city life. The play features a multi racial cast of 15.

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Six degrees

Murray Gold was a cast member of this play. Although Murray started out as a stage actor, he has since gone on to build a strong career as a musician who writes theme tunes and incidental music for a lot of TV shows, including the theme to Last Tango in Halifax in which Nicola is a star.

Joanna Roth was a cast member of this play. She also appeared as Rebecca Sinclair in episode 406 of Spooks but did not have any scenes with Nicola. Rebecca is married to actor John Hannah, who appeared in a number of films/TV movies with Nicola in the 1990s.

Claire Rushbrook was a cast member in this play. Claire also appeared in Shiner [Film] and although in the film she appeared in a few scenes together with Nicola, their two characters did not interact. See also Fun Facts.