Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is a film about, well, Four Weddings and a Funeral, all attended by the same group of friends over a number of years. This was the film which launched the career of Hugh Grant. A quintessential British romcom (romantic comedy), beautifully written, acted and filmed by all concerned.

This was also Nicola’s first on screen job as an actress. She was employed for two weeks on this film and billed as one half of the “Frightful Folk Duo” because she and her singing partner appeared in the first wedding, after the wedding couple had exchanged vows and gave what was meant to be an awful rendition of “Can’t Live Without You”. It was a very brief appearance at the church and later on, you can see her dancing around during the reception.


[That job] gave me a completely deluded sense of what the acting profession was going to be like. [I was] sharing caravans with Kristen Scott Thomas and hanging out with Andie McDowell and Hugh Grant. And I thought, well this acting lark is easy, I don’t know what people are talking about. And of course after that job, I probably spent a year out of work, and desperately trying to get a theatre job.


You can view the screencaps of Nicola’s appearance in this movie HERE.


In versions of this film on DVD which feature an audio commentary by the film’s writer (Richard Curtis) and director (Mike Newell), Richard Curtis was very complimentary about Nicola when she was shown on screen singing her song. He said, “This girl, Nicola Walker, this girl on the left,  I’ve seen in lots of shows in the West End. She’s a brilliant actress.” Now if only Richard Curtis can write a part for Nicola in his next romcom and let Nicola show off her comedic talents as an actress!

In Nicola’s Spotlight page, under the tab for “Film”, she is listed as having appeared in this movie as “Claudia”. Well that makes it a nice change from the actual film credits which simply labelled her and the other singer as “Frightful Folk Duo”!.

Six degrees

Anna Chancellor, a cast member in wedding number two, has appeared in many episodes in Series 4, 5 and 6 of Spooks [TV] as Juliet Shaw. She had scenes with Nicola in Series 4 and 5 of Spooks [TV].

James Fleet, a cast member throughout the movie, did not have any interaction with Nicola in this movie though both appeared in wedding number one. James was also in Cows [TV], Milner [TV], Moll Flanders [TV] and A Dance to the Music of Time [TV]. Apart from Cows [TV], he appeared in different segments from the ones in which Nicola made an appearance in the other TV programmes. James was a cast member in the play, Cloud Nine [Stage] and was on stage with Nicola during parts of the play.

John Hannah, a cast member through the movie, did not have any interaction with Nicola in this movie although both appeared in wedding number one. John has also appeared in Milner [TV], Faith [TV].

Corin Redgrave, a cast member in wedding number three, has appeared in episode 304 of Spooks [TV] as well as The Turn of the Screw [TV]. He did not have scenes with Nicola in either this movie or the other two TV programmes.

Availability on DVD

You can buy the Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK