The Goldilocks Zone

A Friday Play which first went out on BBC Radio 4 on 8 July 2005 and repeated once in 22 June 2007.

The play is written by Lucy Catherine and is a modern day ‘Brief Encounter’ showing how when we are lost, only a true connection with another human being can bring us back to ourselves. Nicola’s character, ‘Nicola’, is a woman who feels that her marriage and life have become stale, being bogged down by child rearing and everyday chores. Hux is one of the helpers at the local day care centre who looks after Nicola’s kids when she goes off to work. Something clicks between these two and there are tentative steps towards taking things further, but each pulled back at the last minute to return to their respective partners.

Nicola….Nicola Walker
Hux….Stuart Mcquarrie
Shannon….Clemmie Hooton
Jamie….Johnny Thomas Davies
Mohammed….Shiv Grewal
Jenny….Amelda Brown
John….Carl Prekopp
Alice/Brigita….Alice Hart
Ross….Harry Myers
Sandra….Colleen Prendergast
Woman….Susan Jameson
Directed by Mary Peate

There’s a short article in the Guardian about this radio show HERE.

The is the stuff that Nicola does so well, and by voice work alone! The half finished thoughts/sentences, the hesitancy, the doubts and secret yearnings.

If any one ever hears of a re-broadcast of this show on BBC Radio, please Contact Us so that a Post will be logged on the Home Page to let other fans know.

Availability on Audible

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