A Dark and Stormy Night/The Daughter’s Tale

This is one of the stories in a five-part play called A Dark and Stormy Night. The play is the story of a single crime told from five different point of view. It was written by Frances Fyfield. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as one of its Afternoon Reading programme in 2006 and repeated once in 2007.

Each story was read by one actor/actress. The titles of the five parts are :

The Victim’s Tale
The Copper’s Tale
The Daughter’s Tale
The Barrister’s Tale
The Defendant’s Tale

Nicola read The Daughter’s Tale. She played the daughter of the victim. Who knows a mother better than her daughter? But Rachel’s (the victim’s) daughter sees her mother through a particularly singular eye, and even she is willing to interpret the situation to suit herself.

You can listen to all five stories in this radio show, including Nicola’s story (track 3), HERE, on the author’s own website.

If any one ever hears of a re-broadcast of this show on BBC Radio, please Contact Us so that a Post will be logged on the Home Page to let other fans know.

Six degrees

Neil Stuke reads the fifth story in this series, The Defendant’s Tale. Neil is Nicola’s co-star in Season’s Greetings (2010)(Stage). Neil also appeared in one episode of Pie in the Sky in 1997 though not the same episode in which Nicola was a guest star.

Availability on Audible

The show is not currently available to buy from Audible.