This is a radio adaption of the William Gibson novel which was broadcast on the BBC World Service as a Play of the Week in two one hour segments. We believe that the broadcast took place in 2003, although some sources suggest that the show was produced in 2000 and/or broadcast in 2005.

William Gibson coined the terms “cyberspace” in his short story, “Burning Chrome” and later popularized the concept in his debut novel, “Neuromancer” which was published in 1984. For a summary of what “Neuromancer” is about, go to its Wikipedia page.

Cast :

Case ….. Owen McCarthy
Molly ….. Nicola Walker
Armitage ….. James Laurenson
Winternute ….. John Shrapnel
Dixie ….. Colin Stinton
Malcolm ….. David Webber
Riveria ….. David Holt
Ashpool ….. Peter Marinker
Finn ….. Andrew Scott

As Molly, Nicola spoke with an American accent throughout this radio play. This is a fairly complex sic-fi novel reduced to two hours. So you really have to pay attention to keep up with how the story progresses.

Six degrees

James Laurenson does a superb job as Armitage in this radio play. He has appeared on stage twice with Nicola, Killing Him and Passion Play. He also made two appearances in Spooks [TV]. In Series 3, he played the Home Secretary, Lord Young, in episode 306 (where Zoe was on trial) and he then returned in Series 6 and played the character of Sholto who was one of the key players in the organization known as YALTA, which featured heavily through Series 6. Nicola did not have any scenes with James in episode 306. Nicola was not a cast member in Series 6.

Colin Stinson appeared in episode 504 of Spooks [TV] (as the American ambassador) but he did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode. He was also a cast member of Broken News [TV] but again, he did not have any scenes with Nicola.

If any one ever hears of a re-broadcast of this show on BBC Radio, please Contact Us so that a Post will be logged on the Home Page to let other fans know.

Availability on Audible

This radio play is not currently available on Audible, but there are many versions of William Gibson novels available in audio format on Audible, and as books in Amazon.