Male Order/Gilly

This is a series of five stories which explored internet dating in its various forms. It was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of its Woman’s Hour Drama program.

Nicola appeared in episode 3, Gilly, which first broadcast on 6 December 2006, which was written by Jonathan Myerson. Here is a summary of that episode :

Gilly is a forty-something divorced mother facing the looming prospect of life post-children.
She’s had various boyfriends and encounters with male fellow residents of Esher in Surrey (set up by her friends), but she has come to the inescapable conclusion that her future is looking decidedly empty. Then she hooked up online with someone who lives half way across the world. Will Gilly take a chance and find love?

Gilly….Nicola Walker
Colin (and other parts)….Alan Marriot.

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Availability on Audible

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