Nicola in the studio recording her stories

(the above photo was taken from the author’s Blog – see link below)

Less is more in a series of flash fiction by Tania Hershman, prize-winning exponent of this burgeoning literary form. Tania Hershman, a former science journalist, is the author of The White Road and Other Stories, commended by the judges of the 2009 Orange Award for New Writers. She is Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 Binnacle 150-Word Ultra Short story Competition, and winner (Europe) of the 2008 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s 600-word Short Story Competition. Tania is currently writer-in-residence in the Science Faculty at Bristol University. She is also founder and editor of The Short Review – an online journal dedicated to reviewing short story collections – and current Fiction Editor of Southword magazine. Opinions vary on the precise definitions or poetics of flash fiction, but put simply: a flash is a very, very short story.

16 stories from Tania Hershman’s book, “The White Road and Other Stories”, were selected for broadcast by BBC Radio 4 as part of its Afternoon Reading programme. The transmission dates and stories selected are as follows :

29 June 2010
My Mother Was An Upright Piano
At Camden Town He Said He Loved Me
Heavy Bones

30 June 2010
Just what colour is an electron? How do you count a neutrino? And can the world’s most-Googled stars resist the greatest of all temptations? Find out in today’s stories:
Like Owls
We Keep The Wall Between Us As We Go
The Painter And The Physicist
Sweet Music

1 July 2010
In today’s six stories, we see right through one another, encounter unorthodox theories of motherhood, and meet fear, death and a pair of highly unusual sisters. The stories are:
The Google 250
The Mathematics Of Sunshine
Go Away

There were two readers, Nicola and Tom Goodman-Hill. Each read a different story. In an entry in her blog before the programme was broadcast, the author was very complimentary about having her stories read by Nicola and Tom. You can read her Blog entry HERE.

Six degrees

Tom Goodman-Hill appeared in Broken News (TV), as did Nicola. However, they were involved in different segments of that TV show and did not have any scenes together. Tom also appeared as guest star in episode 102 of Spooks [TV]. Nicola did not become a cast regular in Spooks [TV] until series 2.


The theme used for this radio show was “Teardrop” by Massive Attack. This is the same tune used as the theme for the US TV drama, House, in which Hugh Laurie plays the lead character. Hugh Laurie played Jools Siviter in Spooks [TV] Series 1.

If any one ever hears of a re-broadcast of this show on BBC Radio, please Contact Us so that a Post will be logged on the Home Page to let other fans know.

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