Birds and Beasts/Buddy

Buddy was the fifth and last story in a series called Birds and Beasts which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of its Afternoon Reading program. It was first broadcast in 2007 and repeated once in 2008.

Buddy is a story written by Cat Weatherill and read by Nicola alone. Buddy is a dog whose master, Adam, is having an affair with a mistress. Said mistress did not like the dog very much. Buddy saw his own way of taking revenge on this mistress.

Nicola does a wonderful job of alternating between Adam, his mistress and the dog. You won’t have trouble distinguishing which is the man, the woman or the dog. Nicola pretending to be a dog who fetched the morning papers and then spitting it down in front of his owner is priceless!

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Availability on Audible

The show is not currently available to buy from Audible.