Update 5 January 2011

We have now uploaded Desktop Images and Avatars for your use and enjoyment :

Desktop Images


Some of these are transferred from the old fansite, and some are new contributions.

Many of these Desktop Images and avis have been created by using the screencaps which are available on this fansite. We know that a fair number of fans have been busy downloading these screencaps in recent weeks. You are most welcome to do that. Some of you have taken the trouble to let us know why you have been downloading these sceencaps and for that, we thank you. If you are going to create Desktop Images and/or avatars from these screencaps (or by using your own screencaps), it would be lovely if you could send us your creations for display on this fansite so that other fans can enjoy them too. ☺

Update 2 January 2011

All of the galleries have migrated from the old site.

We have received some smashing new desktop images and avatars which will become available soon.

If you would like to contribute either desktop images or avis, please Email Us with a zip file. All contributions will be gratefully received. We will let you know as soon as your contributions have been accepted for publication.

On 19 November 2010, we said :

We are in the process of moving all of the images which were available on the old fansite over to the new fansite. Since we are using completely new and different software, we have to move the galleries across manually, so please bear with us. For now, we will stay with the screencaps etc. which were available from the old fansite. In due course, we may add more screencaps from the different shows.

We have received a number of offers from fans of screencaps and desktop images. Thank you, but we are not currently accepting such contributions. We will let you know when we are ready to ask for your help in this area. 🙂

Making available screencaps, and avatars and desktop images made from those screencaps is about as far as we want to go in terms of any perceived breaches of other people’s copyright. We will not be providing download links for any audio or video files in relation to Nicola’s work, unless those downloads are specially permitted or sanctioned by the relevant copyright owners (such as that promotional video for Being Human).