Spooks Series 10 Competition

There are a number of competitions being staged on various websites in connection with the release of Spooks Series 10 on Region 2 DVD.

Ain’t It Cool News (British edition) and Digital Spy both ran competitions which have now finished.

Whats on TV is currently running a competition.

The biggest one of all is that being staged on the Facebook page of Universal Playback which you can access HERE. You can read more about that competition and view a number of trailers for the DVD Extras in our Post HERE.


That’s right, we have been allocated prizes to give away in connection with Series 10. You can read details of our competition HERE.

Now, you may find it easier to enter into some of the other competitions, which simply require you to retweet news of their competition or like their Facebook pages. With our competition, you have to do a little more work, like fill in a form and answer one simple multiple choice question. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Just think of the fabulous prizes you can win.

The one thing which all these competitions have in common is that they’re restricted to just UK fans only. I know that this sounds a little unfair to the millions of non-UK Spooks fans, but that requirement comes direct from the sponsor, Universal Playback, and there’s nothing we can do about it. 🙁

For all UK fans, ENTER NOW!

Update : 2 December 2011

Entries are coming in nice and steady since we announced the competition a couple of days ago. However, there have been a few incorrect entries :

  • You are required to give us your FULL name. We have one entry where only the first name was given and another entry where only initials were given.
  • You are required to select one answer to our multiple choice question. If you picked two answers, your entry will be disqualified.
  • The correct answer to our multiple choice question is readily available elsewhere on the internet. We have received at least two entries with incorrect answers.

We’re going to be generous and allow those of you who made mistakes in their entries to try, just one more time. If you think that the entry you’ve already submitted might be invalid because of one of the reasons set out above, you can send in a second entry so that you can correct your mistakes. Just ONCE!

Update : 12 December 2011

Our competition is now closed. The winner will be announced here on 15 December 2011. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry 😀

Update : 15 December 2011

We have a winner – its Kirsten T from Edinburgh. Congratulations. Read more HERE.

Meet the winner!

Here’s Kirsten, the lucky Spooks fan who won our recent competition and now owns all of the fabulous prizes shown in the pic below. Thanks, Kirsten, for sending us the pics and agreeing to share these with other Spooks fans. 😀