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Annika Stranded


Nicola first starred in this radio project in January 2013. For all information about Series 1, go to this Page.

A second series of this radio show was recorded and was broadcast every Sunday in July 2014. For more information about Series 2, go to this Page.

A third series has just been released and started being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2016. For more information about Series 3, go to this Page.

This is such a brilliant, funny series and Nicola does a superb job of bringing Annika to life. We wish they would turn this radio series into a television series 😀

You can listen to this programme, wherever you are in the world, via the BBC Radio iPlayer, which does not have any geographic restrictions. The programme will remain available on the BBC Radio iPlayer for seven days after the original broadcast date, so if you are unable to tune in at the designated time, you can still catch up on the iPlayer.

Theme song

In response to the many enquiries we received from fans of the show about the theme song for this series, we asked and received the answer from Karen Rose of Sweet Talk Productions, the producer of Annika Stranded :

The artist(s) are Klara and Johanna Soderberg (aka First Aid Kit) and the song title is ‘To A Poet


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Spooks Series 10 pt

Go straight to the Episode 1 guide HERE.

For our Series 10 episode guide, go HERE.

For our report on the events which led up to the commissioning of Series 10 and sightings of Series 10 being filmed on location, read our Post HERE.

For our report on the announcement that Series 10 will be the last series and the announcement of a transmission date for episode 1, read our Post HERE.

© 2011 BBC / Kudos

Update : 15 September 2011

We have just received confirmation from an absolutely reliable source that the Region 2 DVD box set for Series 10 of Spooks will be released on 28 November 2011. Extras will include “Top 10 Spooks moments” as selected by cast and crew and a featurette called “Harry’s Game”. We may even be able to run a competition like we did when the Region 2 DVD box set for Series 9 was released. We will post more details as soon as we have more information. Put this on the top of your Christmas wish list! 😀

Update : 20 October 2011

Kudos held an End-of-Series party in London today and invited all cast and crew from previous series to attend. We know via Twitter that Peter Firth was still held up filming World Without End in Budapest and was unable to attend. At this party, the last ever episode of Spooks (episode 6 of Series 10) was screened for all attendees. Rupert Penry-Jones (who played “Adam” from Series 3 to Series 7) was there and posted this pic on Twitter to tease fans.

DVD Preview Clip

Update : 20 October 2011

This clip has been released by Helen James Productions on YouTube. Its taken from an interview which Nicola and Peter Firth gave to HJP as an extra for the DVD. The clip can be considered spoilery for any one who has not yet seen any episode from Series 10, so please proceed with caution.

@kraysler was there, on the streets of London, the day Nicola turned up to film the DVD extras with HJP. She didn’t see the actual filming of the extras, but she saw a bit of the filming of episode 5 from Series 10. You can read her report HERE.

Update : 28 October 2011

For reasons unknown, Helen James Productions have now removed the YouTube clip of the Series 10 DVD teaser clip (see link above). We’ll keep the link for now, in case they change their minds and make it available again.

Click the link below and pre-order the Region 2 box set NOW!

Update : 23 October 2011

The Telegraph takes a look at “Spooks – the Spies who are the Good Guys” HERE.

Pre-order from Amazon UK


Guides to Nicola’s Film work

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Guides to Nicola’s audio work

Guides for all of Nicola’s audio work to date (including one for Bad Memories, to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 7 January 2011) have now been completed. Click HERE to access a list of these Guides.

We have also included other examples of Nicola’s voice work HERE.

Updated 21 January 2011

Nicola’s list of Audio credits has been updated to include Neuormancer, a radio play she did in 2003.

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