Winner : Best Drama – 2013 BAFTA TV Awards

Our report from the red carpet

Earlier that Sunday afternoon, our correspondents (the Team) arrived outside Royal Festival Hall and collected their bracelets before being allowed into the pen area to await arrival of the actors/actresses. The weather report had forecast torrential rain so the Team came equipped with raincoats and umbrellas. Once inside the pen, the Team set about decorating their section with posters relating to Last Tango in Halifax. These caught the attention of producer Nicola Shinlder who shared this pic on Twitter :

Intrepid reporting team on the 2013 TV BAFTA red carpet

Intrepid reporting team – 2013 TV BAFTA red carpet

As soon as Nicola arrived with her cast mates and friends from both Last Tango in Halifax and Scott & Bailey, she also noticed the Team and came over for a chat.

Nicola : Thank you so much for coming. You’re all going to be soaking wet! I like the posters. By the way, do you know anything about the “Nicola for the Win” posters which were stuck up outside the National Theatre’s Stage Door after the Olivier Awards last week? Some of my friends saw them and texted me. I had a feeling who was responsible for those. (Big smile!)

[Ed : For our coverage of the 2013 Olivier Awards, go to this Page.]

Team : Yeah, we did that. We also put up copies of the posters outside phone boxes and the Royal Opera House but those got removed pretty quickly. Did you say you wanted a Curious Dog Incident T shirt (which Liga arranged to make up for the Olivier Awards)? Here’s one for you. (Hands over bag containing Nicola’s order of the T shirt.) We saw your acceptance speech in Covent Garden on a big screen.

Nicola : Thank you (for the T shirt). I was looking on the internet for a clip of my acceptance speech and found one on the Bonkers but Brilliant website. I heard someone said at the end of the clip, “now we can all go home”. (She laughed.)

[Ed : well, we can be useful sometimes.] [Certain Team members started to look sheepish].

Sofie : I took that clip on my mobile phone.

Nicola : Good on you! My dad saw all the pictures taken at the ceremony and asked me where I got my “jewellery” from?! (Another big smile.)

Team : When do you start filming the next series of Last Tango?

Nicola : In 2 weeks’ time.

Team : Have you heard anything about the Spooks movie?

Nicola : No, I haven’t. No one has said anything to me. Where did you hear that?

Team : Peter Firth has mentioned it a number of times in recent interviews.

Nicola : I suppose the only way I could appear in the movie would be in flashbacks. I haven’t seen Peter recently. He did text me to congratulate me on the Olivier Award.

Team : How about stage work later in the year?

Nicola : I don’t have anything lined up yet.

After taking photos with some of the Team and signing miscellaneous DVD box sets and photos, Nicola had to go inside the Royal Festival Hall and be seated for the award ceremony. We all wished her and the show good luck.

By now, the Team was soaked through and through. A motion was made to repair to the nearest pub for some warm beer which was seconded enthusiastically by all.

And that concludes another Close Encounter with Nicola.

[Ed : If any Team member has anything to add to the above, Email Us and we’ll update the report.]

Nicola was so pleased with the posters the Team had prepared that she kept bringing her friends back. (See pics below.)

Nicola pointing out the Team's posters to Sarah Lancashire.

Nicola pointing out the Team’s posters to Sarah Lancashire.

Nicola with Amelia Bullmore.

Nicola with Amelia Bullmore & Nicola Shindler.


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