Antony and Cleopatra

Update : 27 January 2012

Josh Bolt has posted this photo on his twitter page – its from one of the locations used for the farm set on this show.

Update : 30 January 2012

We now hear via Josh Bolt on Twitter that Nicola’s been having fun with the sheep on the farm location where she’s filming Antony & Cleopatra. Click on the pic below to see a larger image.

Update : 1 February 2012

The cast have started to do interviews with the print media. TV Choice (@TVChoice) have shared these two photos on Twitter. Nicola’s looking fabulous! (As usual, click on each image to view a larger pic.)

(L to R) Josh Bolt, Anne Reid, Nicola Walker


Update : 4 February 2012

Dean Andrews (@deanoandrews), one of the male leads of this show, has just tweeted that he thinks that the producers may change the name of the show to something else, and if that happens, he will “shout it out wen[sic] the time comes”.

The existing title is certainly intriguing and has sent some fans back to the Shakespeare play, looking for possible parallels and reasons why this title was chosen. Assuming that the writer and producers had good reason to start off with this title, I hope they keep it because any alternative they come up with may not sound as interesting.

Update : 13 February 2012

The Live Oop North website has posted 26 photos of Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi filming in Carleton in Craven, near Skipton which you can view HERE. Even though Nicola does not appear in these photos, they’re still interesting pics as they show cast and crew hard at work setting up and filming a scene. The photos were taken on Sunday, 12 February 2012.

Update : 16 February 2012

There is a brief article in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner about this show being filmed on location in Marsden. Nicola is mentioned as a cast member but does not appear in the photo which accompanied the article.

@JoshBolt has tweeted that they’re now filming episode 4. @tonygardner has tweeted that the show will be on UK TV screens soon though no date was mentioned. Elsewhere a minor cast member has indicated that the show could be on UK TV screens as soon as April, though that seems unlikely if filming will continue up to and including March. Whilst a “romcom” such as this show may not require a lot of post production work, it is still unlikely that a show which just finished filming in March would be on TV screens in April.

Update : 16 March 2012

Actor/musician Roger Rowley (@GodDamnRowley on Twitter) has posted a short video on his Facebook page showing how some special effects work was done on the set of Antony & Cleopatra. Nicola appears very briefly at one stage (at around the 0:34 mark), clapping madly after the shot was completed. She clearly enjoys every aspect of her work as an actress! 😀

Update : 20 March 2012

Tony Gardner (@tonygardner) has tweeted about a new guest star for this show.

Update : 21 March 2012

TV & Satellite Week (@TVSatelliteWeek) just tweeted :

Here’s a couple of tweets from Josh Bolt (@joshbolt) today :

So for Josh Bolt, Nicola has gone from “Nicola Walker”, to “Nic Walker” to now “Nick Walker”. Interesting …

Update : 3 April 2012

Via Google Alerts, we see several regional UK newspapers with a small piece about a house on Douglas Road, Bacup which will be used as the house for Dean Andrews’s character.Try the Bolton News, or the Lancashire Telegraph.

Six degrees

Tony Gardner was also in episode 201 of The Big Town All Stars [Audio] where he played Paul, the high school sweetheart of Lorelei, Nicola’s character.

Sarah Lancashire was also in Oliver Twist [TV] though she did not have any scenes with Nicola in that series.

Continue reading updates and other information about the show, under its new name, Last Tango in Halifax HERE.

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The region 2 DVD of this show will be released on 15 October 2012. If you click on the DVD image below, you will be taken to Amazon UK’s website where they tell you that the DVD is now scheduled for release on 31 December 2012.

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