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Updated : 1 September 2013

EditorWe are fans of British actress, Nicola Walker, who simply want to stake out a little corner of the web in order to celebrate the work of this brilliant actress. We’re magpies by nature and tend to collect anything and everything about our favourite actress. We thought we’d share this with fellow Nicola Walker fans here. Ever since we took over the admin of this fansite in September 2010, we’ve been slowly transferring info from the old fansite to here whilst at the same time adding new info about Nicola’s work. If you’ve seen something on the old fansite which you haven’t seen here yet, Email Us and we’ll see what we can do to speed up the transfer.

PepeLSome of us are on editorial duties but we’re also supported by an ever evolving and increasingly wide network of fans who feed us info and pics which they’re happy to share with other Nicola fans. To these “agents”, we say a big THANK YOU.

We’re not Nicola Walker herself although we have met her a number of times, and Nicola has told us that she’s been on this fansite on occasion. 🙂


Apart from this fansite, our only other presence on the web is on Twitter where we are known as @BonkersButBrill. This is the official fansite Twitter page where we post updates relating to the fansite and news about Nicola’s projects, old and new. Click on the button below to follow us.


One of our contributors also keeps a separate Twitter account known as @NicolaWalkerFan where she posts fangirl musings and other rants and raves about Nicola’s work. Click on the button below if you want to follow this other Twitter account.


If you follow both Twitter accounts, you may find that we frequently retweet each other’s tweets, so there is some overlap between the two Twitter accounts.

We are NOT on

We used to have a LiveJournal page but that’s been closed since very few fans choose to log comments there.

We are NOT on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or any other social media websites relating to Nicola. In July 2013, a fan set up an Instagram account pretending to be us by calling herself “NicolaWalkerFan” and giving this website address as a link. We protested and she has since deleted that account.

We do not maintain any forums relating to Nicola. From time to time, we toy with the idea of starting a forum where fans can chat with each other. Comments on this fansite are moderated (to weed out spams) and sometimes, fans might feel frustrated if a comment they’ve posted is not immediately approved (we always get round to approving Comments, promise). With a forum, especially one where registration by a user is required, your comments will not have to be moderated. However, we find that most fans would rather “lurk” and read entires here than contribute with a comment. Email Us if you think we should start a new forum.

For other matters relating to this fansite, check out the FAQ section for information.