2013 Olivier Awards

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Fan support on the red carpet

Fan support on the red carpet

A group of Nicola fans organised a show of support for Nicola and Team Curious Dog Incident at this event. As Nicola and her entourage made their way down the red carpet, they noticed these fans and someone from the National Theatre snapped the above pic and put it on their Instagram account. You can see some of our special correspondents right behind Nicola.

Lucy's Curious Wrist Bands

Lucy’s Curious Wrist Bands

@Born_Spook/Lucy had orgnaised some wrist bands to be worn by members of the group and to be given away to the cast members. On one side, the band says “Super Good Day” and on the other “Curious Incident at the Oliviers”. Nicola took a red wrist band and she wore it throughout the ceremony. This was the only piece of “jewellery” she wore that evening.

Liga's Curious T Shirt

Liga’s Curious T Shirt

For her part, Liga designed a special T Shirt and made enough copies for each member of her group to wear as they maintained their vigil on the red carpet. Using the same motif in the same T Shirt, Liga also printed up a number of posters which were used to line that section of the barricade where the Nicola fans had parked themselves. Liga has designed a number of items for this fan site in the past. You may want to check out the composite image she did for our Ruth Evershed Memorial Page, the Ruth Evershed in a Nutshell comic, the 2011 Advent Calendar and the 2012 Advent Calendar.

Further Reading

We have two fan reports from the red carpet for your reading pleasure :

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The cutest couple on the Red Carpet

Nicola was accompanied by her husband, Barnaby Kay, at this award ceremony. Here, as a worldwide/fansite exclusive, we bring you these wonderful pictures of the cutest couple on the red carpet that night.

We are eternally grateful to @Born-Spook/Lucy and @Liga for giving us the privilege of posting these exclusive photos here.

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