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Questions for Nicola

We will be going to a couple of performances of Di and Viv and Rose. We hope to be able to meet with Nicola after the show. If you have any questions for her, we’ll be happy to put them to her, and then print all of the answers here at a later date. We will leave it to Nicola to decide which questions to answer (in case some of these are too personal in nature).

Please Email Us with your questions not later than 25 September 2011. In your email, please also let us know whether you wish to remain annonymous when we print the answers or if not, the alias you would like to use when we identify your question(s).

If you choose to make your questions public by filling out the comment form below, or if you’re using the Contact Form in the Contact Us section, please remember to answer the simple math question which appears either above or below the form (this is in place of the usual captcha phrase you are required to type to prove that you’re human and not some spambot), otherwise your attempt to lodge a question or comment will be rejected by the system.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Update : 30 September 2011

Nicola has answered your questions. You can read them HERE.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions.

An even bigger THANK YOU to Nicola for taking the time to give such fabulous answers. We love ya!!!


Spooks Series 10 pt

Go straight to the Episode 1 guide HERE.

For our Series 10 episode guide, go HERE.

For our report on the events which led up to the commissioning of Series 10 and sightings of Series 10 being filmed on location, read our Post HERE.

For our report on the announcement that Series 10 will be the last series and the announcement of a transmission date for episode 1, read our Post HERE.

© 2011 BBC / Kudos

Update : 15 September 2011

We have just received confirmation from an absolutely reliable source that the Region 2 DVD box set for Series 10 of Spooks will be released on 28 November 2011. Extras will include “Top 10 Spooks moments” as selected by cast and crew and a featurette called “Harry’s Game”. We may even be able to run a competition like we did when the Region 2 DVD box set for Series 9 was released. We will post more details as soon as we have more information. Put this on the top of your Christmas wish list! 😀

Update : 20 October 2011

Kudos held an End-of-Series party in London today and invited all cast and crew from previous series to attend. We know via Twitter that Peter Firth was still held up filming World Without End in Budapest and was unable to attend. At this party, the last ever episode of Spooks (episode 6 of Series 10) was screened for all attendees. Rupert Penry-Jones (who played “Adam” from Series 3 to Series 7) was there and posted this pic on Twitter to tease fans.

DVD Preview Clip

Update : 20 October 2011

This clip has been released by Helen James Productions on YouTube. Its taken from an interview which Nicola and Peter Firth gave to HJP as an extra for the DVD. The clip can be considered spoilery for any one who has not yet seen any episode from Series 10, so please proceed with caution.

@kraysler was there, on the streets of London, the day Nicola turned up to film the DVD extras with HJP. She didn’t see the actual filming of the extras, but she saw a bit of the filming of episode 5 from Series 10. You can read her report HERE.

Update : 28 October 2011

For reasons unknown, Helen James Productions have now removed the YouTube clip of the Series 10 DVD teaser clip (see link above). We’ll keep the link for now, in case they change their minds and make it available again.

Click the link below and pre-order the Region 2 box set NOW!

Update : 23 October 2011

The Telegraph takes a look at “Spooks – the Spies who are the Good Guys” HERE.

Pre-order from Amazon UK


Fun Facts – pt

In the course of collecting information and other materials for this fan site, now and then we would come across some fun facts about Nicola which do not fit under any other category. We’d like to share these with you, so we’ve grouped these bits of information under “Fun Facts”. You can view them HERE.

We want these Fun Facts to be more than the Six Degrees feature which appear in our various Guides to Nicola’s work. At the same time, we also want to steer clear of any facts which pertain to the very personal aspects of Nicola’s private life (unless she has disclosed these herself in interviews).

What do you think? Do you have an interesting Fun Fact or two to share with Nicola fans? If you do, please Email Us with a full description of any such Fun Fact, with pics where possible and the name you wish to be credited with, and we will be in touch with you.


UK Cult TV’s Sexiest Female

Cultbox is running a poll to find out who fans think is UK Cult TV’s Sexiest Female. You can vote HERE. Although Nicola had an early lead, she has now been overtaken by Alex Kingston. Anyone can vote, and by using different browsers (thanks for the tip @jadewhite1), you can cast more than one vote for the same person.

So please vote to show your support for Nicola and VOTE NOW!

Update : 5 September 2011

Nicola is now languishing in 4th position in this poll. Come on, people, vote and vote again. Any one can vote, and you can vote more than once each day, using a different browswer. You can then repeat this exercise on another day!

Update : 12 September 2011

Nicola has now overtaken Alex Kingston by over 300 votes. Keep up the good work, everyone, and keep voting until they close the polls! 😀

Update : 10 October 2011

Voting on the CultBox poll closed on or about 2nd October 2011. We know from watching the tally of votes that Nicola should be the winner, with almost 1,000 votes more than Alex Kingston, who had the second highest number of votes. However, although CultBox has already announced the male winner of this poll (Colin Morgan of Merlin), it has yet to make an official announcement with regard to the female winner. We have tried to contact CultBox via Twitter to find out what’s causing the delay, but so far, CultBox has ignored our tweets completely. Maybe CultBox is trying to lineup an interview with Nicola to find out what is her reaction to being named the winner of this poll. For the male winner, there was a short video clip of Colin Morgan’s reactions. *drums fingers on desk, waits impatiently*

Update : 8 November 2011

We have just been in touch with one of the editors of CultBox. Apparently, they are not going to declare any one the winner of their Cult TV’s sexiest female poll because they discovered that there was a loophole in their voting system with the result that people could vote again and again for the same person. As far as CultBox is concerned, that rendered the results of the poll “useless”.

CultBox said that they will be doing a 2011 “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” poll in December and that Nicola will definitely be one of the options on that poll.

Earlier, we were tipped off to the fact that by using different browsers, one could vote for the same person multiple times on different days. However, we understand that some fans went one step further and discovered that by deleting all cookies from their browsers, they could vote multiple times for the same person on the same day, every day.

Even though there were irregularities involved, we are still disappointed that CultBox decided to bin the results. For anyone interested in the final results of that poll, you can still access them through this link.

Update : 14 November 2011

CultBox has started a new poll, this time its for 2011’s Best Actor/Best Actress in UK cult TV. Nicola has been included in the list of nominees for the Actress section and is currently leading the poll. You can vote by going to the CultBox website.

The poll will run until 28 November 2011.