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Voice of 7th Dimension

Nicola is the voice of BBC Radio 4 Extra’s 7th Dimension this week. This means that she announces the name of the show at the beginning and at the end of the show. Have a listen :

7th Dimension VoiceOver

7th Dimension is the BBC’s regular radio slot for science fiction, fantasy and horror. It is broadcast on the digital radio station BBC Radio 4 Extra at 6 pm or 6:30 pm (depending on the day of the week) GMT, seven days a week and then repeated each day at around midnight. The host of the show is Nick Briggs. Most of the programs are full cast dramatizations and the remainder are book readings. The show is also available on the BBC Radio iPlayer , but its listed under the individual story names and not under “7th Dimension”. So if you wish to listen to an episode, you should look up the name of the story first in the Schedule page of BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Six degrees :

Nick Briggs is the host of this show. Nick is also executive producer and the writer of Robophobia.

Toby Hadoke (@TobyHadoke) alerted us to this gig via twitter. (Thank you, Toby 😀 ) Toby plays Farel on Robophobia . Toby will be on 7th Dimenson every night for the next two weeks. You can find out more about this amazing actor/writer/comedian/Dr Who fan by visiting his website.

Please also visit our Guide to Nicola’s other audio work for samples of some of her voice over work, HERE.


Writing to Nicola

Contact Details

From time to time, we receive enquiries from fans as to how they can write to Nicola. We always suggest that you do this via her agents, whose address is listed in our FAQ page. However, we accept that the FAQ page may not be the most logical place to find this information, so here it is again :

R Blond & Associates
69a Kings Road
London SW3 4NX
United Kingdom

Many of you may want to write and let Nicola know how much you have enjoyed her work over the years. We have it on good authority that Nicola collects her fan mail from her agents quite regularly and enjoys reading fan letters. However, you should not expect that she will have time to send a personal response to each and every letter, it depends on how busy she is at any time. No offence to any one who has written or is considering writing to Nicola, but we’d rather she spend time filming new projects, reading scripts and/or taking meetings/going to auditions in relation to new and interesting work than writing responses to fans. 🙂


If you would like an autographed photo in return, you will need to enclose a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (“SASE”). For those fans who live outside the UK, this may present a bit of a problem since you may not be able to purchase UK stamps where you live, but in this internet age, that is no longer a problem.

Go to the UK’s Royal Mail website where you can :

  • work out how much it will cost to have the SASE sent back to you from the UK with just one photo, which measures 4″ x 6″, (shouldn’t weigh more than 30 grams) on this page
  • buy the necessary UK stamps and have these sent to you – there is a variety of stamp books you can buy on this page

After you receive the UK stamps from Royal Mail via regular post, you can then use the UK stamps on your SASE and then send it, together with your letter to Nicola, care of her agents. Make sure that your package has the correct postage as required by the Post Office from your location. Unless you live in the UK, you will not be able to use the online postage option since once purchased, these stamps (which you can print out on your computer) only have a 24 hour validity period.

The Royal Mail online shop also has a variety of other interesting items for you to purchase, in addition to stamps. So its well worth exploring. However, you will need to give your credit card details online as the Royal Mail does not accept PayPal.


As far as we know, Nicola has done two “head shots” for work purposes. Signed copies of these head shots are often sent to fans on request, as long as any such request is accompanied with a SASE with correct postage. Here on the right is the older version, which sometimes sells for less than £1 on eBay (but you will then have to add on shipping and handling fees charged by the eBay vendor). As from November 2010, we noticed that Nicola has started to use this newer head shot (on the left), which was available on her actor’s page on the National Theatre website. We have noticed, with some interest, that recent sales on eBay of this newer version of Nicola’s head shot have gone for more than £20! There must be some very keen fans out there who have made one or two professional autograph sellers very happy. But for those of us who cannot afford these prices, writing directly to Nicola via her agent would be the most economical way to go, if you’re after a signed photo.

If you wish to send a small gift to Nicola via her agents, please make sure that you include enough postage for her agents to forward the package to Nicola.

Good luck!


Spooks : There will be a Series 10

Scroll down the page for more updates on this matter.

We have stopped updating this Post now that it is clear that Series 10 will be transmitted in the UK in the week commencing 19 September 2011 and that this will be the last ever series of Spooks to be produced. Please read our companion Post for further updates on Spooks Series 10.

There will be a series 10 for Spooks.

We first became aware that this was a distinct possibility when Ian Wylie mentioned this in one of his tweets or blog posts on Spooks. The BBC held a press event in October at which they showcased to members of the press their new shows for the autumn and winter season. Ben Stephenson, head of BBC Drama, indicated at that function that Series 10 of Spooks will be commissioned.

The strongest confirmation that there will be a Series 10 of Spooks came at the end of episode 908 (which aired on BBC One on 8.11.2010) when this appeared on screen at the very end :

We believe that Series 10 is now in pre-production, and principal photography will take place between March and July 2011, followed by post production work, and the actual series will air sometime between September and November 2011.

Update : 9 December 2010

Nicola is expected to start work on Spooks Series 10 on 14 March 2011, i.e. the day after she finishes at the National Theatre in Season’s Greetings.

A French fan asked Nicola recently whether she would like her character, Ruth Evershed, to be Section Chief in Series 10. Nicola said, “oh yes, of course Ruth should be section chief, she doesn’t want Harry’s love … she wants to be out in the field …” She was only half joking (we think)!

Update : 7 February 2011

From Twitter, we hear that after recent a cast and crew screening of South Riding, an upcoming TV mini series in which Peter Firth has a small but important role, Peter told Ian Wylie that no firm decision has been made as to whether or not Series 10 will be the last series for Spooks, but he also added that one can never be sure with a show like Spooks. A few minutes later, Ian tweeted that “Spooks series 10 starts filming in March. My instinct (with NO inside info) is that it will be the last. But could be wrong.”

Update : 10 March 2011

From Twitter, we learn from exchanges of tweets between Sam Vincent (@smavincent), one of the Spooks scriptwriters, and other fans :

First read through of a Series 10 script took place today and it went OK
Nicola was in great form, very nice and funny as ever.

(In plain English, for those not familiar with production lingo – cast and crew will sit down to do a read through of a script before filming commences, they will work out which bits will work and which bits will not, the script writer then produces one or more (usually more) redrafts before shooting takes place. Frequently on Spooks, scripts will continue to be amended during the filming process.)

Update : 13 March 2011

From Twitter, we learn from an actor (@RussellBalogh) that he started filming a small part on Spooks Series 10 on Sunday, 13 March 2011.

Update : 1 April 2011

Ian Wylie has blogged about some casting changes for Series 10 which you can read HERE. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled for what lies ahead in Series 10.

There has been more sightings of location filming reported via Twitter at the following places :

  • Canton Arms and Albert Square
  • City Hall
  • a street in Bermondsey
  • a street somewhere made to look like 80s Germany, said the tweeter
  • Drury Lane / Covent Garden
  • New Wimbledon Theatre
  • Albert Embankment
  • outside an office block somewhere, Peter Firth was spotted

And this is all in addition to the indoor scenes being filmed at the Grid set at Bermondsey!

Update : 26 April 2011

From the Spooks Fan Blog comes a report of more location filming, this time over a few days at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in Peckham. Apparently all the signs near the entrance to the hotel were changed to German signs, thus suggesting that the hotel was masquerading as a hotel in Germany. Spooks fans have been speculating that this might have something to do with a look into Harry’s past dealings in Germany.

From the Spooks Information Central Forum, we know that the crew has also been filming recently around Peckham/East Dulwich for 5 days.

Update : 2 May 2011

Some casting spoilers from @ruther2 via Twitter :
You will see the names of some actors who have been cast in various roles in Spooks Series 10 on THIS PAGE. Most of these are for minor roles except for one person who is described as playing the younger version of THIS CHARACTER. (Click on the “Television” tab.) Don’t click on these links if you do not want to be spoiled.

In addition, the IMDb Spooks page has been updated to show the names of directors for each of the 6 episodes that will make up Series 10.  The Director for episodes 5 and 6 for Series 10 is interesting. He directed the very first two episodes of Series 1 and Series 2 and has been credited with creating the distinctive look and feel of Spooks.

Update : 5 May 2011

Over the past few months, there have been frequent sightings of Spooks filming in and around London which are reported on Twitter. Often, these tweets would be accompanied by photos of the crewing setting up a shot etc. We have not posted any of these photos, until now. Today, courtesy of @abby1412 on Twitter comes the first sighting of a Harry and Ruth bench scene being filmed. The location is somewhere along the Mall in London. Abby was told by the crew that this scene is for episode 3 of Series 10, which they think will screen sometime in either September or October 2011. See these pics for yourself. THANKS @abby1412 for letting us put these photos on this fansite.

Spooks crew setting up a shot at the Mall

Looks like Harry and Ruth on a bench along the Mall.

Update : 19 May 2011

Per @Quaiacom via Twitter, another Harry and Ruth sighting. This picture was taken by @Quaiacom this morning. They were filming by the side of the Thames. @Quaiacom said that it looked like Harry, Ruth and some other guy having an intense conversation, and then the other guy walked off, but Ruth and Harry stayed. According to Lady J on the Spooks Forum, the location is directly outside the National Theatre (on the South Bank) on the beach at low tide.

©Craig Holton (@Quaiacom)

Nicola appears to have shorter hair and for once, not in a black coat which goes below the knee. She looks good!

Here are two more pics obtained via @Terribly_Mauled on Twitter

©David Mather (@Terribly_Mauled)

©David Mather (@Terribly_Mauled)

Here’s a pic of the same scene but taken from another angle. Thanks to Shiv11 for letting us use this pic.

Update : 19 May 2011(2)

Helen James Productions (@HelenJamesProd) announced via Twitter that they will be doing the Extras for the Series 10 DVD box set. Helen James Productions were also responsible for the two extra features which were included in the Series 9 DVD box set.

Update 8 June 2011

A Spooks fan flew all the way from Boston to London, specifically to see if she could find the Spooks team on location shooting. She was not disappointed. Here is an album of her photos and two short videos.



Many thanks to @kraysler for letting us put these on this fansite.

We subsequently found out that Nicola was not actually required for any scenes on that Sunday (5 June 2011) though she turned up to do interviews with Helen James Productions for the Series 10 DVD Extras! So that scene of Nicola walking away with Peter Firth is not actually a scene from Series 10.

Update 11 June 2011

Here’s more video from @kaysler




Update 12 June 2011

You can read a detailed report of @kraysler’s close encounters with the Spooks crew HERE.

Update 15 June 2011

Another great video taken by @kraysler during her recent trip to London, this time featuring the wonderful Nicola and one of the Spooks crew


Update 18 June 2011

Another video from @kraysler, this time with Nicola viewing some rushes with Chris Fry, the producer.


Update 11 August 2011

Please also read our companion Post on this subject.



Cover of Robophobia CD © Big Finish Productions

Nicola will guest in an episode of a Dr Who radio drama produced by Big Finish. You can read more about it HERE.

The audio programme will be available in July 2011, either as a CD or MP3 download. As far as we can see from the Big Finish website, there is no geographic restriction if you wish to purchase the download, though it is unclear whether or not they will ship the CD outside the UK. In order to make a purchase on the Big Finish website, you first have to register an account. We have, but have not been able to make any purchases so far, as the Big Finish website appears to be undergoing some update work. Every time we click on an item to buy, it redirects us back to the log in page, even though we are already logged in, and so it goes round in circles. Hopefully, this kink can be resolved soon.

You can read more about the Big Finish series of Dr Who radio dramas HERE on Wikipedia.

Although Robophobia is in the sci-fi genre, we are sure that Nicola will be in top form, as usual, and very entertaining so that even if you are not already a Dr Who fan, you should not have difficulties in following along with the story.

We have made enquiries with Big Finish and will update this page as more information becomes available.

© Big Finish Productions

Update : 11 March 2011

One of our Contributors, who is not based in the UK, has been successful in registering an account and purchasing a download from the Big Finish website by using Safari as the browser instead of Firefox. So if anyone has a problem purchasing anything from Big Finish, try using a different browser to complete your transaction.

You can pay for online purchases by using either a credit card or via PayPal. If you use PayPal, Big Finish will add a small amount to your final bill in order to absorb the PayPal charges.

You should note that this is a radio only production of a Dr Who story, not the TV version, and the Dr in this story is not the current Dr Who played by Matt Smith on TV. If you are not already familiar with the Dr Who franchise of TV and radio shows, there are plenty of resources available online where you can familiarize yourself with the characters and some of the lingo used. Here are two such venues :

BBC Official Dr Who site


Now if only we can get Nicola to appear in the TV version of Dr Who!

Update 2 : 11 March 2011

Nicola recorded her episodes on 7 and 8 March 2011, her days off from Season’s Greetings (at the National Theatre). Paul Spragg of Big Finish Productions told us, “I was in the studio for the recording and Nicola was both a delight to work with and superb in the role. So it’ll be one worth waiting for.”

HERE is a direct link to the Big Finish website to purchase this programme when it becomes available in July 2011. The story is spread over four episodes and lasts a total of 120 minutes. Nicola’s the main guest star in this story and she’s in every episode.

You can either purchase the CD version (it will come on two discs) or the download version (which will be given to you free when you purchase the CD version). The CD version is priced at £14.99 plus shipping. Big Finish will ship anywhere in the world. Pre-orders for the CD version are now being accepted. The download only version will be £12.99. If you’re a serious Dr Who fan, there is also the option of buying a subscription package for 6 or 12 releases (CDs or downloads only); this will work out far cheaper on a per title basis.

Update : 9 April 2011

THANK YOU RobertG 😀 for alerting us to the fact that the CD cover for Robophobia has now been put up on the Big Finish website. Robert also told us that Nicola’s image on that CD cover has been “photoshopped in order to add the distinct eye make-up for the Kaldorian race (featured in the 1977 story “Robots of Death” – for which “Robophobia” is a sequel)”.

You can read more about the “Robots of Death” at Wikipedia HERE.

Update : 12 May 2011

Thanks to a heads up from flip18, there is a short write up of Nicola’s forthcoming performance in Robophobia in Vortex Magazine (page 3). Have you ordered your copy of this radio programme yet?

Update : 25 May 2011

Just saw this tweet from @BigFinish : Just listening to the extras for Robophobia. Nicola Walker is just wonderful.

Now will you put in your order for a copy of this audio programme?

Update : 10 June 2011

We received more information on said extras yesterday from Big Finish :

  • the “extras” will be interviews with the cast, including Nicola
  • these interviews will total about 15 minutes, so Nicola’s contribution will be a little less than that
  • the “extras” will be available to any one who has purchased Robophobia in either CD or digital format. This will also be available to any one who subscribes at the main range of the Dr Who stories.

Place your pre-orders NOW!

Update : 18 June 2011

You can now hear a trailer of Robophobia on the Big Finish website HERE. It sounds fantabulous! Please put in your pre-order soon, it will be released on 31 July 2011. Thank you, RobertG, for the heads up 😀

Update : 1 July 2011

Thanks to Dan Tostevin (@notdangle), there’s an interview with Nicola in the current issue of Vortex magazine. You can read a Flash version of this issue HERE. If you go to the Vortex magazine website, you can download PDF version of the current issue. Nicola’s interview appears on pages 6 and 7. There is also more from that interview in the current issue of Dr. Who Magazine (#436).

Update : 4 July 2011

You can download the June podcast from Big Finish HERE. Another clip from Robophobia is included, as well as some lovely comments from Toby Hadoke about Nicola’s performance.

Update : 11 July 2011

Here is a preview of Robophobia which appeared on page 92 of issue #436 of Dr Who Magazine, written by Dan Tostevin (@notdangle). (click on the image to enlarge)

Update : 15 July 2011

With very little fanfare, Big Finish brought forward the release date for Robophobia (from 31 July 2011) to 15 July 2011. Hurray! 😀

If you pre-ordered this title, you should be able to find a download link as soon as you log into your Account page at the Big Finish website. If you ordered only the CD version, you will also be given a download link as the MP3 file is included as part of your order, so you don’t have to wait for the actual CD to arrive before you can enjoy the programme. And if you haven’t yet purchased this title, well why not?

The programme is a 2 hour long Dr Who story. You don’t have to be an existing fan of Dr Who, or a Sci-Fi fan, to enjoy this programme. Nicola does “audio angst” so well. There is also a short interview with Nicola as part of the CD/MP3 extras. The executive producer and writer of Robophobia, Nick Briggs, was most complimentary about Nicola’s performance, telling us that “she’s smart and she’s a brilliant actress”. Eh, we already know that, don’t we, fellow NOGs? 😀


18 July 2011 From Google Alerts come this review on the Red Rocket Rising Blog

Why the acclaim?

Simple really – the performance both when moved to emotion and in general is superb. The character has range of expression and displays both vulnerability and trust.

Liv is manipulated by the Doctor throughout this tale and manages to recognise it, question it and go with it. More than becoming an extension of the Doctor’s will Liv is recognisably an individual made more so by the talented Nicola Walker (her of Spooks!).

This review appears in Issue #438 of Dr Who Magazine (click on the image to enlarge)

Availability on Amazon UK

The price for this CD may appear low on Amazon UK, but that will only be a saving for you if you are able to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping policy; otherwise, after you add on shipping outside the UK, Amazon’s price will end up being far higher than the price quoted on the Big Finish website.

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