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Guides to Nicola’s audio work

Guides for all of Nicola’s audio work to date (including one for Bad Memories, to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 7 January 2011) have now been completed. Click HERE to access a list of these Guides.

We have also included other examples of Nicola’s voice work HERE.

Updated 21 January 2011

Nicola’s list of Audio credits has been updated to include Neuormancer, a radio play she did in 2003.

If any one has any information on how we can update Nicola’s credits in Audio, Stage, Film or Television, please Email Us.


Bad Memories

Nicola will be in a new radio play titled Bad Memories which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 7 January 2011 at 21:00 in the UK. Here is a description of the programme taken from the BBC Radio 4 website :

In 2004, a successful architect and his family mysteriously disappear from their home. Six years later five bodies are found in the cellar of their house. They are identified as Jonathan and Imogen Blake and their son, Matthew; Philip Gibson, who was on the missing person’s register and a woman, identity unknown. Forensics determine that not only were they murdered, but the time of death was 1926. Can audio files found with the bodies solve the mystery?

Rachel Weir ….. Nicola Walker
Jim Marquez ….. Rupert Graves
Phillip Gibson ….. Steven Mackintosh
Jonathan Blake ….. Anthony Calf
Imogen Blake ….. Jana Carpenter
Matthew Blake ….. Oscar Richardson
Mary Marston ….. Imogen MCCurdy
Boy 1 …… Rohan Nijhawan
Boy 2 …… Ted Powell

Written and directed by Julian Simpson.

If you cannot catch this programme when it is first broadcast, you can always listen to it again via the BBC iPlayer. For fans who live outside the UK, please note that since the BBC iPlayer does not have any geographical restrictions where radio programmes are concerned, you can also listen and enjoy this programme. You do not need any special software to be able to access the BBC iPlayer. This programme will remain available on the BBC iPlayer website for 7 days after the initial broadcast date, i.e. until 14 January 2011.

Six degrees

Julian Simpson, the writer and director of this play, also directed Nicola in Episodes 409 and 410 of Spooks. Nicola last appeared in other Julian Simpson radio plays, The Listener (2008) and Fragments : Pleasant Green (2007). In fact, this programme is very similar to Fragments : Pleasant Green (2007). Both plays involved detectives trying to solve a murder by trying to reconstruct past events using fragments of an audio tape. Nicola has a more prominent role in Bad Memories than Fragments : Pleasant Green (2007).

Rupert Graves appeared in Episode 403 of Spooks and played the racist politician, William Sampson. He did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Steven Mackintosh is a regular cast member of Luther. Nicola appeared in Episode 104 of Luther. They did not have any scenes together.

Anthony Calf appeared in the stage play, Gethesame with Nicola (November 2008 to March 2009), though they did not share any scenes together.

Continued on …

Now that the programme has aired, please refer to our Guide page for Bad Memories for further updates on this programme. We will also close our comments section here. If you wish to leave a comment, please do so on the Bad Memories guide page.


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A new feature!

Well, we figured, if you’re going to be buying Nicola related products, why not let us make some money for charity? So, now you can shop for Nicola Walker products via links provided on this fansite. All commission earned will be donated to a charity to be nominated by Nicola. Please see the Shop page for more details about this new feature.

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For DVD products :

Amazon US – here you will find all of Nicola’s work which is available on Region 1 DVD. If a title does not appear on this page, it means that it is not yet available as a Region 1 title.

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Links to Audible US or Audible UK will be given, where available, in the Guide for the relevant radio play.


Nicola in Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings is a play written by Alan Ayckbourn in 1980 which had its world premiere on 25 September 1980 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough, and its London Premiere on 28 January 1982 at the Greenwich Theatre. There has been many productions of this play over the years. According to the description in the webpage for this production at the National Theatre, the play offers a seriously entertaining look at the misery and high jinks of an average family Christmas.

In the 2010 National Theatre production, Nicola plays Rachel, the sister of Belinda (played by Catherine Tate) who is the female lead of this play. In the play, Rachel is described as “a little older than her sister, Belinda and less conventionally pretty …”. Not sure about the “less conventionally pretty” bit. Nicola can play them in all shapes and sizes, conventionally or unconventionally pretty, sane/manic, demure/man eater etc.

The Season’s Greetings page on the National Theatre website can be found HERE. Click through the rehearsal photos and you will see a very pretty photo of Nicola, hard at work during rehearsals (see above).

(*the Rehearsal Gallery seems to be broken at the moment. We have emailed the National Theatre about this and they have indicated that they will look into it and fix it soon.)

Update 25 November 2010

The Rehearsal Gallery’s been fixed. Yay!

Thanks to the National Theatre, we have also been given permission to display this colour version of that rehearsal photo. There is a slightly large version of this photo in the Galleries section.

The first batch of 29 performances, to run from 1 December 2010 to 4 January 2011, have been sold out. The National Theatre recently announced a second batch of 39 performances, to run from 12 January 2011 till 13 March 2011 and tickets have been selling quite briskly. If you wish to catch Nicola’s performance, you will need to get tickets without further delay!

Press night will be held on 8 December 2010. We will be updating this post with Reviews and press night photos on 9 December 2010.

Update  8 December 2010

The National Theatre has now put up a Production Gallery on the Season’s Greetings page which you can find HERE. There’s one picture of Nicola on her own and a second picture of her with two other cast members.

The Reviews are in and you can find links to them and other resources relating to this play HERE.

Update 12 December 2010

There is now available on the National Theatre Season’s Greetings website a short video of interview with cast members who share their thoughts on Christmas. You can access it HERE. Nicola appears in the beginning of this interview. If for any reason you cannot access the video or it gets pulled so that its no longer available, we have a transcript of what Nicola said HERE (in the second part of that Post).

Update 14 December 2010

Nicola has been interviewed by Whats on Stage about her role in Season’s Greetings. You can access the article HERE.

Update 17 December 2010

The National Theatre will stage a Theatrical Quiz on 21 December 2010 at 6 pm where the Season’s Greetings cast, led by Catherine Tate, will compete against the Hamlet cast, led by Claire Higgins, on their knowledge of all things relating to theatre. The event will be moderated by Emma Freud. Tickets at ₤3.50/₤2.50 each. The event will last about 45 minutes. There is a maximum of four members in each team, and sadly, Nicola was not picked for the Season’s Greetings team (to be known as the Amazing Ayckbourns).

Marianne Elliot, the Director of Season’s Greetings, will give a talk on the show on 4 January 2011.

Each of Mark Gatiss, Catherine Tate and David Troughton of the Season’s Greetings cast, will give talks, on different dates, in February.

You can read about these event at the “Platforms” section at the National Theatre website HERE.

Update 22 December 2010

Congratulations to the Amazing Ayckbourns, who won the 2010 National Theatre Annual Theatre Quiz. Its a pity that the National Theatre has declined to publish a list of the questions and answers which formed this quiz.


Nicola on Christmas

Towards the end of 2007 when Nicola was doing publicity for Oliver Twist (she played Sally), she gave an interview to Whats on TV where she talked about her views on Christmas. The video of this short interview used to be available on the Whats on TV website, but sadly they must have archived the video because the link is no longer live. So for the benefit of fans who are interested in Nicola’s views on Christmas, here is a transcript of that interview.

Interviewer (“Int”) : What are you planning this Christmas?

NW : Erm, I don’t know, cos I’m in that awful phase, that thing where you’re all rowing. I’m rowing with my husband, I’m rowing with my dad, his rowing with his brother, about where we go. That for me has now slightly become Christmas, where you row about where you’re driving, for how long, for what day. And its like having trumps, cards, where you sort of swap them. I’ll swap you Boxing Day for Christmas Day if you do the Christmas Eve. I don’t know where I’m going to be, but I know that I’ll probably be in a car, driving somewhere, for most of it.

Int : Who usually wins, these Christmas disputes?

NW : (Smiles) Me, yeah.

Int : So you know where you’re going to be?

NW : I do, secretly, (laughs), I know exactly where I’m going to be, on Christmas Day. (Nods) yep.

Int : And what do you particularly like or dislike about Christmas?

NW : I think I really like the build up to Christmas, that’s fantastic, putting the tree up is brilliant, and then everything from about 11 o’clock on Christmas morning, it starts going downhill for me. Then its all the law of diminishing returns after that, after you’ve opened the presents, its all downhill. But then you’ve also got New Year’s to look forward to, when one could get raucously drunk and embarrass oneself in front of one’s family.

Int : Or you could start getting drunk on Christmas Day …

NW : Well I’ll obviously, actually, be watching Oliver Twist, that’s what I’ll be doing.

(This was three years before Nicola knew that she was going to be in Season’s Greetings at the National in 2010!)

Update 12 December 2010

National Theatre/Season’s Greetings Cast Interview

The National Theatre has just put up a video of interview of the cast of Season’s Greetings, with their thoughts on Christmas. You can watch the video here, by clicking on “cast interview”. Nicola was interviewed together with Oliver Chris at the beginning of this video. In case the video is not available to non-UK IP addresses, or becomes unavailable, here is a transcript of that interview :

Oliver Chris : We eat turkey.
NW : We do that as well, I think we often do that.
OC : Do You?
NW : Do you listen to Phil Spector’s Greatest Christmas Hits?
OC : I love that, I love that, that is the best album.
NW : That is, isn’t it.
OC : I was going to give everyone that for first night presents, I won’t bother now.
NW : I think we are really traditional in my family. I don’t think we do anything strange. We adhere to all the …
OC : Do you argue?
NW : We do all the things you’re meant to do at Christmas.
OC : Argue, fight, watch telly
NW : Yeah, argue, fight, laugh, reminisce …
OC : Stuff your face until you can’t eat any more.
NW : Yeah …
OC : With a chocolate orange …
NW : Yep, we keep eating.

For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.