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Nicola Walker : Foodie!

Nicola was recently interviewed by the Financial Times for their Food & Drink Section. You can read the article, published on 26 November 2010, here.

As always, interesting and amusing tidbits (or should that be morsels?) of information. Nicola’s answers are refreshingly honest and down to earth. She sounds like a real person, compared to the rail thin actresses who only inhale air for sustenance!

Come on, writers and producers, Nicola is waaaayyyy over due for a lead role in a comedy! Ms. Catherine Tate, do you think you can help?

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Nicola on cover of Spooks Series 8 US DVD Boxset

Finally, after all these years, Kudos have included Nicola in a prominent position on the cover of a Spooks DVD Boxset – see the cover of the US Series 8 DVD boxset above. THANK YOU Kudos and the BBC! Though it does beg the question, why wasn’t Nicola included in the cover art for the UK/Region 2 release of Series 8 back in September 2010?

Being featured on the cover of the Region 1 DVD boxset will, we hope, raise Nicola’s profile with the US entertainment industry once more, i.e. amongst fans, US casting agents, writers and directors. Warner Brothers has recently invested US$100 million in the studios which they have been using for the Harry Potter series. This can only mean that there will be more US productions to be made in the UK. Quite independently of this investment, there are already many US movies, mini series and TV shows being filmed and produced in the UK at the moment. There has to be a part, or two or three, amongst all this activity for Nicola! The last time Nicola had such a high profile associated with a show was in the Touching Evil days.

Nicola was also on the cover of the Series 5 DVD boxset when it was released in the US. However, it was in a less prominent position and most  of the other cast members were also featured. There are a number of other firsts for this US release :

  • Series 8 of MI-5 (as the show is known in the US) will be released in January 2011, which is way faster than any of the previous seven series has been released in the US and
  • Priced at US$27.99, this is much cheaper than the UK/Region 2 version which was released back in September and currently still priced at £25.69 on Amazon UK.

The UK/Region 2 DVD boxset of Series 8 had very little in terms of interesting DVD extras. Via a tweet from bccmee, it would appear that the same is true for the US/Region 1 DVD boxset of Series 8.

Here’s hoping that the Extras included with the DVD boxset for Series 9 will feature much more contribution from Nicola. It has to, since she consistently acted every one else off the screen in Series 9 😀

Buy Spooks Series 8 from Amazon US

Buy Spooks Series 8 from Amazon UK

To buy other series of Spooks in which Nicola appeared as a cast member, check out our Shop page.


Nicola Walker Fansite 2.0

Hello, g’day and welcome. If you’re looking for information on the most magnificent actress in the world, Nicola Walker, you’ve come to the right place! We look different, you say? Well, we’ve had a little bit of work done, a nip here, a tuck there. Oh alright, we’ve had a complete facelift. What do you think?

The Nicola Walker fansite was first set up in 2006 by flip18. We have flip to thank for having kept us informed of all of Nicola’s activities as an actress for the past 4 years!. In September 2010, administration of the fansite was transferred to us.

At flip’s suggestion and with her encouragement, we decided to give the fansite a complete makeover by using some of the latest available open source content management software, such as WordPress. You are now reading the results of our labour. This is intended to give Nicola fans a fuller and richer experience in terms of celebrating her work.

As we are going with a new format, it will take us a little while to transfer all of the old content to the new fansite, so please bear with us. If you cannot find your favorite features from the old fansite, please be patient and check back in a couple of days.

We will also try and beef up various sections of the fansite and will require your help. For example, in the CV>Guides section, you can submit a recap of shows in which Nicola has appeared in. Head over to our post on Guides for requirements in this respect.

The only feature which we may not bring over to the new fansite is the schedule of TV shows and repeats. Please read our post on this topic here.

So, the Nicola Walker fansite 2.0 – like it, hate it, got some other suggestion? Leave a comment below, or if you want to discuss matters in private, Contact Us. For things like typos, omissions and inaccuracies, we would prefer that you Contact Us instead of leaving a comment below.

Please be generous with your comments, and gentle with your criticism 🙂


The 2010 Ian Wylie Interview

Ian Wylie is one of the most respected journalists in the UK who writes about its entertainment industry. He is also a Spooks fan and has kept other Spooks fans highly entertained, in the past few years, with his interviews with members of the Spooks cast and his previews of forthcoming episodes of Spooks.

On 5th October 2010, Ian published an interview with Nicola which is a must-read for all Nicola Walker fans. Nicola has not done a lot of interviews in recent years. Of the interviews which she has given in the recent past, she spoke mostly about the characters she played and very little else about her private life. In the Ian Wylie interview, Nicola was very candid about her character in Spooks, Ruth Evershed, the reaction from fans she’s met and a little about her other projects, such as Being Human and Season’s Greetings.

You can access the interview HERE.

For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.


Nicola’s 3131 Portrait

31thirtyone is a charitable photographic project run by photographer Matt Humphrey who aimed at taking 31 portraits of actors and celebrities in as many days. You can read all about the project on the 3131 website.

This year, Nicola was one of the actresses who’s portrait was included in the project. Matt would prefer that you see her portrait, as well as the other 31 portraits (yes, he ended up with one extra this year, which you can read all about in his 3131 Blog) on his website, which is why we cannot show you a thumbnail of the portrait. Its a wonderful black and white photo of Nicola which shows her laughing very spontaneously at something or someone.

The charity to be benefited this year is Colitis & Crohn UK, again details can be found here.

Only 31 copies of each celebrity’s portrait will be printed and each will sell for £31.31 (which does not include shipping charges).  Matt will ship anywhere in the world. As of this writing, we believe that there are still copies of Nicola’s portrait for sale. Here is where you can place an order.

Support Nicola, support Colities & Crohn UK and buy a copy of Nicola’s portrait!

UPDATE : 1 December 2010

Matt has now produced a short promotional clip about his project, which features soundbites from a few of the actors/actresses who sat for him, though sadly not Nicola (not in the clip anyway). Nicola’s portrait does make a fleeting appearance. You can watch the clip here. Here’s hoping that Matt has longer footage tucked away somewhere else that does include a comment (or two, or three) from Nicola about her portrait. Matt has also talked about producing a coffee table book about this project. Now that would be interesting.

UPDATE : 8 December 2010

Matt has just tweeted that the 31thirtyone project has raised ₤11,000 todate. Good job, Matt. Show your support for the project and for Nicola, buy a project and help raise the total amount even higher!

UPDATE : 1 September 2011

According to @31thirtyone, copies of Nicola’s 3131 portrait are still available. Support Nicola, support a good cause, please buy a copy of this fabulous portrait!



Update 2 January 2011

Guides to all of Nicola’s audio work have now been done. Click HERE for a list of those Guides. We will now turn our efforts to her other work.

On 19 November 2010, we said :

Can you help us?

We would like to include recaps of all of the shows in which Nicola has made an appearance for the benefit of fans who have not seen a particular show, or to refresh your memory if you have seen a show but it was a long time ago. All of Nicola’s shows except for Spooks. There are already available online plenty of episode guides and recaps of Spooks – we will simply provide links to those recaps.

If you want to help, please email us and let us have the following information :

Your name : the name you wish to use as a credit for the recap
Name of the show, including series number and episode number/name
Recap, which should be between 300 to 500 words. Please refrain from discussing major plot lines of each show in case someone reading the recap has not yet seen that particular show. Its probably not necessary for you to provide us with images or screencaps, unless you wish to use a particular image or screencap.

Your contribution will be edited, where necessary or appropriate. If we receive contributions for the same episode or show from more than one person, we may mash these contributions together for a composite recap.

Start writing!


TV Schedule

One of the features from the old fansite which we are strongly inclined to discontinue is the TV Schedule which lists current and repeat showings of shows in which Nicola has made an appearance. That schedule only set out TV listings for the UK and is of not much use to Nicola fans who do not live in the UK.

What do you think? Do you want it back? If we are to bring it back, we would like to include TV listings from around the world. To do that, we will need your help. If you do not live in the UK, would you be prepared to keep an eye out for Nicola shows in you local TV listings and send us this information on a regular basis? Let us know, leave a comment below.



The Games are back, finally, and you can download them from here.


Ruth’s Online Dating Profile

Ruth’s has had a thoroughly miserable time in Spooks Series 9 where her love life is concerned. Her relationship with Harry seems to have reached an impasse. We thought that perhaps Ruth ought to try online dating and to that end, we have put together this Online Dating Profile for Ms. Evershed, in the hope that she might get lucky, somewhere, somehow. What do you think, should she or shouldn’t she, reach out for someone else, that is?

About Her

Country of Origin :    United Kingdom
Location :    London, England
Gender :    Female
Age :    40
Hair colour :    Dark brown
Eye colour :    Blue grey
Height :    5’ 3” (1.6 m)
Appearance :    I have been described as someone who is not conventionally beautiful, but equally friends have described me as a true beauty
Relationship status :    Single
Children :    Ask me later
Education :    Postgraduate
Occupation :    Ask me later
Income :    Ask me later
Ethnicity :    White/Caucasian
First language :    English
Other languages :    Arabic, Farsi, Greek, French and recently, Chinese (Mandarin)
Interests :    watching movies from the golden age of Hollywood music, anything from classical to pop, as long as it has a tune
Religion :    Ask me later
Drinking :    Occasional glass of wine
Personality traits :    Intelligent, realistic, loyal, independent, sensible, thoughtful, trustworthy, faithful, generous, adventurous
Pets :     prefer cats, used to own one, may acquire another one dogs are alright too
Lived abroad :    Yes, in Europe, which I enjoyed immensely
Looking for :    Let’s see what happens

In her own words

I have recently come out of a rather intense relationship which ended badly; he died. I then threw myself into work – I am an analyst with one of the biggest security organizations in the world. Lately, my job has sort of overtaken my life and now I’m trying to get back on the bus and into the world of dating. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a relationship, I do. But I’m not about to jump into one. I don’t jump into decisions at work and there’s no way I’ll jump into a relationship either. For now, I’m more interested in going out, having fun, and getting to know someone who will respect my job and all the time it requires of me. Occasionally, weird things happen to me because of my job; nothing that you should be afraid of, but just realize that if we get together, you’re in for a wild ride. I love funny guys who can hold me spellbound with a story or make me laugh until I cry. I also love creativity and passion. The right man should not only fascinate me but also bring out the best in me. We should push each other to be the greatest people we can be. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, have a strong sense of self and aren’t afraid to expose your flaws, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. If it turns out that we make better friends, great, and if its more than that, then even better.

Her ideal match

Country of origin :    Anywhere in the world
Location :    Anywhere in the world
Gender :    Male
Age :    Not important, but not too young
Relationship status :    single
Appearance :    not important
Height :    not important
Smoking / Drinking :    not important
Children :     not important
Education :    any
Occupation :    any
Income :    any
Ethnicity :    not important
First language :    any
Other languages :    any
Religion :    any
Personality traits    :    someone who is good at his job, has a mature outlook, a strong sense of morality but is not afraid of making a tough but perhaps questionable decision from time to time

Editor : The first four comments below were received when this Profile was first published on the old fansite back in October 2010. However, under the old format, it was difficult for us to display comments to a particular entry. With our new format, leaving comments is easy, which is why we feel that the comments already given before should be displayed here.